Best thing to buy this month: White shoes for everyday

Best thing to buy this month: white shoes for everyday

Spring time is the perfect time to look for some new white shoes. Boots start to be too much, but in sandals you will be still chilly. For me, it is always the biggest struggle to get some shoes that would be wearable in spring time even when it is raining and they are not ankle boots. Ideally with a heel, but it should be short enough to be able to walk all day, but high enough that it will give your leg few extra centimetres. Last year I wrote all about having slingbacks.  This time, I am being a bit more specific with colour. White shoes are the best to get this season. Not only you can find them everywhere, but also they will make your outfits feel more like spring. Even when you just wear jeans, white shoes will elevate and brighten your whole look.

Just couple of weeks ago bought myself a pair of off white slingbacks from Mercedes Castillo and they are so comfortable, I am considering to buy a second pair in black. Last year I got another pair of white sling backs and in the winter I was enjoying off-white ankle boots. I think white shoes simply make your outfit look fresher. With the weather being more and more friendly to us, I think white shoes are best to buy right now. Also you will be able to wear them throughout the whole spring and summer until early autumn.

Best white shoes to buy this month:

White slingbacks

Slingbacks are my favourite type in spring. Especially when living in UK. I was always struggling to find shoes when it is warm but rainy. Slingbacks cover your feet so that you don’t get wet but you are not hot in them. They look amazing with jeans, trousers, skirts or dresses and especially in white. My favourites are these, these and these.

Best thing to buy this month white shoes Mercedes Castillo off white slingbacks White Ganni slingbacks shoes Dolce Gabbana white Sicily bag

White pumps

When it comes to white pumps, they look amazing when they are simple and from high quality leather. Ideally with a slim heel, like these or these Christian Louboutin.

White Christian Louboutin pumps high heel

White sandals

I love white sandals. They can look very feminine and elegant and will complement basically any dress you will put on. When I was searching for white sandals, I found these, which are amazing or these, if you want something more comfortable to wear all they long. You can also go for white espadrilles, if you are looking for something that is high but comfy.

White Castaner espadrilles Best thing to buy this month white shoes sandals Alexander Wang

White flats

Flat white shoes are great idea if you want something very comfortable and sporty. These Gucci ones are perfect for long dress, summery shorts or cropped pants.

White flat shoes Slef-Portrait



White shoes will always look good if they are made of high quality material



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