Best thing to buy this month: Faux fur coat

Best thing to buy this month is Faux fur coat

Apologies for posting this late. I went to London for a nice weekend with my husbands and I forgot my laptop in the hotel. Did it ever happened to you? This was my first time. I am usually quite careful with these kind of things, but I guess there is a first time for everything, right? Anyway, because of that I couldn’t post this earlier. So without any further do, what is the best thing to buy this month? It is getting really cold now, so you better get yourself a faux fur coat, to stay cosy and warm. If you are not quite sure about this, then hear me out.Petra from Chic Journal wearing a faux fur coat with blue jeans


Black faux fur coat red bag and black dress with white checks

Why to buy faux fur coat this month?

It is warm. That one is  a no brainer, really. What I absolutely hate in winter is if I am cold. Cosy faux fur coat solve that problem easily.

Faux fur coats are currently very “IN” and you can spot them everywhere. So you would also be buying this winter trend.

It is not a real fur. For a lot of people this fact is the most important one. Even big brands are now starting to use more and more faux fur.

If you choose well, your coat can look as well as the real thing. Just yesterday I was stopped on the street by a woman complimenting on my coat and couldn’t believe it was a faux fur.

Comparing to the real fur, faux fur coats cost just a tiny fraction of the price. They are very cheap and in fact cost much less then even a wool coat. You can literally buy 2 or 3 faux fur coats for the price of one made of wool. Well, if you are looking very well, anyway.

I don’t believe that next year they will not be trendy. In fact, I think that from now on, we will see better and better quality faux fur every year.


I recently bought two faux fur coats and I have one from from few years back. I love them all. Apart of being really warm, they also look great. The first one is my burnt orange or almost brown coat. It is so soft, that my 6 years old son calls it fluffy fluff. I love the belt as it makes me look smaller in it and the length is perfect also for the dresses and skirts.

Faux fur coat Chanel bag casual chic outfit

Faux fur coat Chanel boy bag Tods orange belt Linda Farrow sunglasses

My next coat is a faux shearling coat. I must admit, even I couldn’t believe this is not a shearling. When you touch it, is really feels like the real thing. It is slightly oversized in designed but I do like is as I can wear a thick sweater if I need to. White coat is something I always love to have in my wardrobe, but they are very difficult to find. Winter whites looks so chic and it is a shame not many women wear light colours in winter. I actually dedicated the whole post to this, which you can read here.

White shearling coat Hermes Birkin bag

White teddy coat chunky knit Hermes Birkin bag chic outfit for fall

My last coat is one I bought years back in Coast. It also looks like a shearling with fur trims on the sleeves and it looks great with skirts and dresses, especially in the evening.

Black dress with white boots and faux fur coat

Faux fur jacket black dress chic look

So are you going to get a nice faux fur coat this month?

have a chic day

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