Best thing to buy this month: Cashmere jumpers

Best thing to buy this month: Cashmere jumpers

Whenever I start to be cold in the autumn, there are things I am starting to immediately look at in the shops. And cashmere jumpers are definitely among the first pieces. So for the November episode of “Best thing to buy this month” I have chosen “cashmere jumpers”. Last year it was all about the style, this year is all about the quality. I am far much more summer then winter person, however I do like when I can hide in a soft jumper. Probably since ever I always preferred cashmere to other type of knits. I also like wool mixed with cashmere. The thing is that cashmere is always so soft and comfortable and looks elegant.

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One of my favourite cashmere jumpers I ever bought is this pink one I am wearing below with a blue coat. It is by 360 cashmere and it is probably the softest jumper I ever got. It is also unbelievably warm and my go to in really cold days. I also like cashmere from Repeat Cashmere, N Peal (I was wearing their cashmere gilet here) and Uniqlo (which is great price, but will not last you years). As quite a lot of my winter sweaters are from cashmere, I though to share with you why cashmere jumpers are the best thing to buy this month.Best thing to buy this month are cashmere jumpers

Cashmere jumper: 360 Cashmere, Coat: Zara (similar here or here), Jeans: Paige, Boots: Stuart Weitzman (similar here and cheaper option here)

Why to buy a cashmere jumper:

  1. Good quality cashmere is many times warmer then wool, despite its lightness. Cashmere is the fine hair from the undercoat of cashmere goats. As most of those come from places where the temperatures go way below zero, these goats produce a double fleece. This under layer produces the best quality cashmere with longest hair which is very soft to touch and it is very warm. However it is unbelievably fine.
  2. Cashmere, in my opinion looks always more elegant then wool or cotton sweaters. You can just spot on people cashmere sweater, don’t you think?
  3. Good quality cashmere will get softer with washing. Of course, you have to be extra careful with that. Only hand wash is advised with a shampoo and drying on a flat surface. What can be more wonderful then a ultra soft sweater?
  4. If you invest in a god quality cashmere jumper, it will last you for years. That is absolutely true. If you buy a cheap cashmere sweater, the chances are, you will see the ugly bubbles forming in few weeks or months of wearing. I know that good quality cashmere jumper can be a big investment, especially so close to Christmas. But believe me, it is a good one. You can also look for cashmere blends, which is cheaper. I just last week bought beautiful Ralph Lauren sweater in Bicester outlet village which is a blend of wool and cashmere. Or put it on you Christmas wish list maybe?

Cashmere jumper by Uniqlo Club Monaco coat

Repeat Cahmere jumper pink Chanel bag fall outfit

Above are some of my other cashmere sweaters. The white one is from Uniqlo (you can see the whole outfit here) and the pink one is from Repeat Cashmere.


So what do you think? Do you think cashmere jumpers are worth the investment?


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