Best thing to buy this month: Slingback shoes to upgrade every outfit

Best slingback shoes to buy this month by Chic Journal blog

How I fell in love with slingback shoes on kitten heels? When it comes to shoes, I was always very irrational. For me, to go to a shoe department is like taking a child to the toy shop. I want all the shoes I see and then I can’t decide which ones I should buy. For many years I was also a person who hated flat shoes and always wore heels. I thought that spending big money on shoes that don’t even have heels is a waste of money. Yes, it is rather silly, but I just have a thing for heels. White Ganni slingback shoes with a bow and checked trousers

The problem always came when I had to walk longer than to a taxi and from there to a restaurant. You simply can’t walk around a city for half a day in 4 inch heels. Or can YOU? So for at least last decade I am in a hunt for the perfect pair of shoes on walkable heel. The criteria seem very simple; however, they are far much harder to fulfil than one might think. My feet have very sensitive skin, so super soft, very high-quality leather is a must. Also, I want be able to walk in the shoes long time. Last but not least is their ability to wear that pair of shoes with as many different outfit possible.Petra Brisby from Chic Journal wearing white Ganni slingback shoes and checked trousers

Until now, when I went on holidays, I always take so many shoes I would ideally need a separate suitcase. However having slingback shoes make things easier. They are elegant enough to upgrade simple outfit but comfortable enough to walk in them great deal of a day. I recently bought great white pair from Ganni and now enjoying them so much I am considering getting them in every colour they have (pink, green snake skin, baby blue, red and black).White slingbacks and Saint Laurent red clutchWhite slingback shoes and checked trousers Best slingback shoes to buy this month by Chic Journal blog

They are made of good enough leather that you don’t have blisters. The front part is wide enough, so you don’t feel like your toes being squashed into a pointy shape. Their kitten heel is quite slim but also very short, about 1 – 2 inches so you can really walk a decent distance in them. My favourite part though is, the bow on the heel side of the strap. How cute is that?

White Ganni slingback pumps, Ganni Sabine slingbacks

Shoes: Ganni, Bag: Saint Laurent, Shirt: Zara, Trousers: Topshop, Belt: Givenchy, Sunglasses: Michael Kors

So for August, I think singback shoes is a best thing to buy as you can wear them now with summer dresses and skirts but will look great when the temperatures will drop and you will put on trousers or jeans. They will look great dress up as well as dress down. This is simply the type of shoes you need to have in your shoe wardrobe. To make your life easier, I have found for you the best ones in black, white and some with colour. Just make your pick.

Black slingback shoes

These are great for everyday wear, kind of when you don’t really know what shoes to put on and you don’t want to think about it. You might have a busy day in the office or running from meeting to meeting across the whole town.BEST BLACK SLINGBACKS TO BUY THIS SUMMER BY CHIC JOURNAL BLOG 1. Miu Miu 2. Ganni 3. Mansur Gavriel 4. Gianvito Rossi 5. Raye 6. Joie

White slingback shoes

When it comes to white shoes, I am very picky. White shoes can just look very cheap and tacky, unless they are from great leather or they have an amazing design. These white Ganni slingback shoes with a bow are both comfy and cute. Wear them now with any summer dress or smart trousers and white shirt. In autumn you can swap shirt for oversized cashmere sweater and slim jeans.How to wear white slingback pumps with kitten heels White slingback shoes, Ganni slingbacks1. Aquazzura 2. Rejina Pyo 3. Mansur Gavriel 4. Sam Edelman 5. Ganni 6. Dolce Vita

Colourful slingback shoes

Black or white are just very straightforward but not always that interesting. Therefore, I also chose for you these amazing colourful pieces to make things more fun.colourful slingback shoes, Balenciaga slingbacks, Vetements slingbacks, Ganni slingback shoes1. Aquazzura 2. Steven 3. Tibi 4. Balenciaga 5. Vetements 6. Ganni


Do you already have a pair? Which one is your absolute favourite?

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Best slingback pumps to buy this summer


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