Stop sunbathing! Here is the best self tanning lotion instead, Löwengrip

Stop sunbathing! Here is the best self tanning lotion instead, Löwengrip

Who likes the summer glow? Do you want to know which is the best self tanning lotion? Then continue reading.


When I was a teenager and until I was about late 20’s I was baking myself on the sun whenever I had a chance. That time, it was normal. It was also normal to use sunbeds in the winter, which I also did occasionally. The problem was that no one was actually stressing about the sun damage. Ok, people kind of of knew about it, I knew about it, however no one was ever worried. I just liked to have this summer tan, this gorgeous golden glow. Good self tanning products were not much available those days (at least where I was growing up), so I just did what every one else did. Now I regret, that my vanity of being tanned overpowered the heath. It has been over 11 years since I sunbathed, but I finally found the perfect golden glow again. And it is time for you to stop sunbathing as well!


I tried so many self tanning products and some were better and some worse. I do like St Tropez products (and use them), but I can get a bit too orange when using it too many consecutive days. But Löwengrip really is the best self tanning lotion I ever used. And if you want to know why it is so good, then hear me out.


Lowengrip self tan drops for face gradual tan

Why to choose Löwengrip self tanning lotions?

There are actually two products I am using, not just one. I am using the Löwengrip self tan body mist and the Löwengrip self tan drops for the face. They both advertise gradual tan and natural glow. Basically like any other products. However here are my key points why I am sticking with this one.

Lowengrip self tan drop for face, applying self tanning drops

  1. The fact that it is a spray makes it easier to apply. Especially when I use body lotion before, the mist is just very easy to absorb and it onlyl gives you very light layer of the product. Whenever I used other products, I had to use quite a lot of the lotion.
  2. I NEVER EVER got any streaks or discoloration by using it unevenly!
  3. Even my closest friends couldn’t believe that I am actually using a self tan product. They thought it is the real sun tan.
  4. The smell is so pleasant, it is almost like a perfume. I love it.
  5. You don’t turn orange, like from many other products, when you use it few days in a row. Just the summery tan.
  6. ace drops last really long time, as you literally need just one drop for the whole face. And because of the quick absorption, you don’t have that feeling of too many products on your face.
  7. Last but not least, I really like the packaging. It looks expensive and high quality.


Best self tanning products Lowengrip body mist and facial self tan drops

So what about you? Are you going to give this a go?

Have a chic day










Disclaimer: I was gifted Lowengrip self tanning products but all the opinions are mine and not, in any way, regulated by the brand.



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