The best of Chanel new collection summer 2018

The best of Chanel new collection summer 2018

Oh Chanel and their creations. Always on the top of their game, with no fail. I am always so excited to see what is new. And this Chanel new collection is as beautiful as ever. If you are a Chanel fan, then this post is for you. You know with some brands, you can have favourite designs, but with Chanel? You got to love them all, don’t you thing? And have you already seen the new cruise collection? Some of the pieces are so beautiful it would make your heart pump faster with excitement. OK they are eye wateringly expensive, but hey, it is Chanel.


I may say that every year, but I think this year Chanel new collection is one of the most beautiful overall. The colours are bright and interesting. For example some bags feature lime green colour with shimmering silver undertone. Salmon pink seems to be one of the top colour used across the whole collection with different levels of richness. However even this salmon pink has some undertones of orange and blue or green as well. It goes really well with most of the colours of anyone’s wardrobe (which is very good news right?).


Chanel new collection

Anyway enough talking and lets have a look at the most beautiful pieces of the new collection. There are so many of them but I don’t have enough space to put them all here. However I have selected my top 20 absolute favourite pieces from the Chanel new collection, both cruise and summer. So sit back and enjoy.




Metallic backpack Chanel new collection 2018
Pleated metallic bronze backpack – £7,510
Chanel new collection 2018 canvas tote
Large canvas tote – £2,310
Summer collection 2018 top handle flab bag
Red top handle flap bag – £3,440
White flap bag with top handle Chanel new collection
White top handle flap bag – £3,000
Chanel vanity case summer collection 2018
Tweed vanity case – £3,580
Chanel cruise collection 2018 flap bag pink
Salmon pink flap bag – £3,050
Chanel new collection flap handbag 2018
Chanel flap bag, silver tone metal beige – £2,960
Small tote Chanel new collection 2018
Chanel small tote – £3,700
Brown saddle flap bag Chanel new collection
Brown saddle flap bag – £3,880
Chanel boy bag green metallic new summer collection 2018
Metallic green Boy bag – £3,610
White Chanel flap bag summer collection 2018
Flap bag white – £4,810
Chanel flap bag yellow
Yellow Chanel Flap bag – £4,070
Bucket bag Chanel cruise collection 2018
Drawstring green bag – £3,610
Grey flap bag Chanel summer collection 2018
Chanel flap bag grey – £2,760
Large blue Chanel tote summer 2018
Large blue Chanel tote – £4,030
Bright yellow Chanel clutch summer 2018
Bright yellow Chanel clutch – £2,180
Chanel beige backpack summer collection 2018
Chanel beige backpack – £3,220
Chanel printed fabric flap bag summer 2018
Printed fabric flap bag – £3,080
Grey flap bag with top handle Chanel 2018
Grey flap bag with top handle – £4,290



Chanel camera bag summer collection 2018
Camera bag – £2,710


So what do you think? Which one is your favourite, are you still drooling over the pictures?


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  1. Angela Apostol
    February 1, 2019 / 1:13 am

    Hi Petra. I saw the article about Chanel’s bags and (I know it was the 2018 ‘ collection), but I like so much the first one the bronze backpack. By chance do you know the code of this item I would like to find it in Canada but without the serial number it’s impossible). Thank you very much. Best, Angela

    • petra
      February 5, 2019 / 4:46 pm

      Hi Angela,

      thank you for your comment and I am happy you enjoyed the article. I was trying to find for you the code everywhere I could think of finding it, but unfortunately with no success. Maybe in Chanel store they will be able to help you? Sorry I couldn’t be more help.
      Good luck

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