My next category is BEST GIFTS FOR HOME. Home gifts are amazing, as that is where you have the biggest selection of items that people love receiving. Personally I think the best gifts for home are those which everyone wants but no one buy for themselves. The perfect example are candles, especially luxury candles, cashmere blankets or nice bar ware. Other type are the things that have some more thought, like anything with engraving or embroidery.

As always, I will split this into luxury gifts and more affordable ones, under £100.


Luxury gifts for home

First I have chosen things like this decanter by Riedel. Riedel is always very elegant and this is particularly beautiful decanter. It is mouth blown by the Riedel’s most senior master craftsmen so the price is perfectly justified.

Next is this Hay and Sonos Limited edition wireless smart speaker. I love Sonos and I think it makes great present.

Vases are always beautiful to get. Perfect example of a luxury present everyone would like to have at home but not many people would buy. Also Waterford vases are just stunning, don’t you think?

Georg Jensen Legacy stainless steel candle holders are another great present for those who love romantic atmosphere at home. There is nothing nicer then a candle lit dinner for two.


Homewares: Decanters & Carafes Riedel Amadeo Decanter


WATERFORD Diamond Line crystal vase 30cm



My next set of four include this gorgeous cashmere blanket. They have them also is 3 other colours but all are neutral colours so will fit to every household. Of course you can get cheaper blankets, but a cashmere one is a true luxury.

Ice buckets are perfectly useful thing and for those who entertain a lot at home, this luxury looking one is a perfect gift.

My next selection is probably the best gift for home you can give someone who really likes wine. Coravin basically revolutionised the wine consumption in a way that now you can enjoy even the finest wine just by drinking one glass due to its inventive technology. Through the needle you will get the wine out of the bottle and the cork get sealed immediately afterwards. This way the wine will not get spoiled and can be stored until next time.

Italian painter Fornasetti saw everything as his canvas and these painted jars of candles not only look beautiful but also the scents are stunning.


Dorsey Throw in IVORY cashmere blanket

Wisteria Gold Ice Bucket in SILVER

Wine Accessories Coravin Model Two Elite Wine System

Fornasetti 'L'Ape - Otto' Lidded Candle


Affordable gifts for home under £100

Home gifts under £100 are actually quite easy to choose. First I chose my favourite Jo Malone candle. There are always reliable in terms of scents but this one of green tomato leaf is truly amazing and my favourite.

I also chose a picture frame by Waterford. Waterford things are always gorgeous and even with the price way below £100 it makes this luxury gift.

Then we have a jewellery box which can be used also as a decoration on the table as the mirrored glass makes it look very premium.

Also this cheeseboard set of servers. I love the stone handles and you must admit this will look very impressive when someone will serve you cheese with these.

JO MALONE LONDON Green Tomato Leaf scented candle

Waterford picture frame

Imitation Pearl Mirror Jewelry Box

3-Piece Stonedust Cheese Tool Set

The second set of four include Voluspa Maison Noir Fragrant Oil Diffuser. I really like the packaging. I think what makes presents truly special is partly the packaging. It looks beautiful, elegant and you would be happy t get this.

Next is a aromatic diffuser which is especially useful in the winter when the air is more dry. You can also use different essential oils to create you preferable scent at home.

Stoneglow candles are another candles that I consider extremely reliable when it comes to scents. The are all very elegant, interesting and never smell cheap. And again, the packaging is very pretty, which makes it great present.

My last but not least Christmas gift for home is a set of champagne glasses. Christmas is a very festive season and what better to give then something you can use straight away?

Voluspa Maison Noir Fragrant Oil Diffuser

Serene House Astro Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser


Stoneglow candle turffle d'orient

ROYAL DOULTON Set of four Royal Doulton sommelier champagne flutes




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