The eternal battle of the styles. Jumpsuits vs dresses. Which side you are on this summer?

Green jumpsuit

For years, summer meant wearing dresses (or shorts, if I wanted to stretch it). It can be a bit tiring and monotonic. So I have decided to start wearing a bit more of jumpsuits. This year there are jumpsuits literally everywhere and in every colour, length or style. NO shortage whatsoever. But every day when the weather dress worthy, I fight the eternal battle of the styles. What should I wear, dress or jumpsuit? That made me think about the pros and cons of jumpsuits vs dresses and here is the result.

Things I like about jumpsuits vs dresses

  • They are fun and interesting. Much more than dresses. Dresses have been here since ever, but jumpsuit are fairly new. Did you know that that the word jumpsuit comes from “the suit for jumping”? Yes literally. There were invented at the beginning of the 20th century (1919 to be exact) as a piece of wardrobe for the sky divers. Later they were used also by car racers and aviators.
  • Any length you go with, you don’t need to worry about exposing yourself with a wind. They will just stay in the right place (always). For me this is a winner argument. Unless the dress is tight, you always need to be aware.
  • Jumpsuits are flattering. Well most of the time anyway. If they fit well and they complement your figure then they look great. Sometimes even better than a dress.

What I don’t like about them? That is simple and a clear no brainer for me.

Going to the bathroom??????? Hello!!! Who invented this most inconvenient (well after a wedding dress perhaps) outfit of all times???? You basically have to get naked (not fun in a restaurant restroom). And I don’t even want to mention, if you have a zip on the back!

Anyways…I love them and keep wearing them, even if it means to be a bit uncomfortable at times ?

The one on the pictures is from Mango. I love wearing it with white t-shirt. Black goes quite well as well, but any other colour looks a bit too much. The ruffles, the cut and the style of it is enough by itself.

Green jumpsuit Mango

Jumpsuits vs dresses battle of styles

Jumpsuits vs dresses green jumpsuit

jumpsuits pros and cons

Jumpsuits vs dresses Mango jumpsuit

Ottoman Hands Earrings Bag Vibes blog

Alexander Wang white heels

Jumpsuits vs dresses

Bag: Chanel Flap bag, Jumpsuit: Mango, T-shirt:  Pull and Bear, Sunglasses: Sienna Alexander, Earrings: Ottoman Hands


And what about you? Which side you are on when it comes to battle of the styles, jumpsuits vs dresses?


have a lovely day






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