A simple guide to eating on the go

Simple guide to eating on the go Ottolenghi Knighstbridge London

I don’t live in London, but I am there min every 2 weeks. Sometimes just for a day and sometimes overnight. That means I am eating in restaurants and all sorts of coffee places a lot. I love good food and eating on the go has always been a bit of a struggle. My concern is that I will make bad choices and eat unhealthy food. The reason is, that when you are running around alone, it is just easier to quickly grab a sandwich (in better case), then to go to a restaurant and have a proper meal.  It is different when you are going for a nice lunch with a friend, but when you are alone and busy, it is just easier to get on with things.Ottolenghi Knightsbrige London eating on the go

I am trying to eat well balanced diet and really have a proper sit down at lunch. But because eating on the go is sometimes a bit challenging, I have created for myself a simple guide with rules. Since then I am far much happier with my choices. If you are in a similar situation, I hope this will help you as well.

You might think that all this pretty obvious, which it is. However somehow, when I saw it first time in black and white and very concrete, suddenly it was easier to accomplish. So today I want to share with you my simple guide to eating on the go and hopefully you will find it useful.

Chic Journal blog eating on the go

Ottolenghi Knighstbridge London eating on the go Chic Journal blog

Simple guide to eating on the go

  1. Once a week (I choose Sunday) dedicate few minutes to your schedule for the whole next week. Highlight when you are at home and when you are traveling or having meetings at work when you might be at the mercy of delivered lunch that you have little power to choose. Some of my friends are traveling for work every single week by plane. So again, if your work is like that, you spend a lot of time at the airport or in the plane. Do you always make healthy choices?
  2. Think about how you want to handle the situation. If you don’t mind eating whatever is available, that is absolutely fine. But if you do, think about what is the best solution for you? Maybe you might have bigger breakfast and that lunch (at the meeting or airport) much smaller? Or you want to bring your own lunch? There are many different possibilities. You just need to find what works best for YOU. A friend of mind, for example, always travels in the plane with her own food.

Simple guide to eating on the go Chic Journal blog

Tips on eating on the go Ottolenghi Knighstbridge London

  1. Once you do point one and two, think about how your “eating on the go” will or can affect the rest of the week. In my case, when I am travelling to London, I always have a bigger breakfast, so that I am not gazing at the pastries when I am buying my tea for the journey. When I am in London and when I can I am always planning in advance where I am going to go for a quit bite. One of my favourite places is Ottolenghi in Knightsbridge ( street). The selection of delicious and well-balanced food is great. Another place I love for quick lunch is Hemsley and Hemsley café in Selfridges. I am sure wherever you live or travel to, there are nice places to sit alone and enjoy healthy food without making too much fuss about it.
  2. It is all about balance. I am not, by any means a nutritionist and I very much believe in “everything in moderation” kind of thing. But there is no reason why simple rules like that can’t help us staying on the track.

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So, what are your tips on eating on the go? Do you always have a plan or you just go with the flow?

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