Tie it with a bow: 5 ways to wear a bow this spring

Black Hermes Birkin Hermes Twilly

Long gone are the times when bows were only for little girls. Now they are back and with a bang. This spring, you can literally find them everywhere you go. Hairpieces are the obvious ones and they have been with us for quite some times now. However now you can also see them on handbags, clothes and even on shoes. And I love them. Bows are very feminine and add to your attire young vibe. Therefore in this post I will show you how to wear a bow this spring and look chic.

5 ways to wear a bow :

1. Tie your hair with a bow:

As I was mentioning, hairpieces with bows are the most common ones right now. I love wearing them on the headbands, but also as pony tails decorations. You can buy ones that are on a pin and just pin them above your pony tail, or you can get hair ties already with a bow on them, like these ones here. I got mine at J.Crew but unfortunately it is now sold out. The last option for the hair is to get hair barrettes with bows like these ones here. You can wear hair pieces with bows basically all day long, either in the office, but also will add to your cuteness on a date. You can wear them with dresses or with biker jackets, you take your pick.

2. Pussy bows on the clothes:

That one is such a classic. In the past, pussy bow blouses were more for the older ladies, who wanted to look posh. Now, they look great with a pair of jeans or pants and sneakers. And not only on blouses. You can find dresses or even jackets with bows. As the hair pieces, they add a bit of elegant touch and make you look more put together. I love when the bows are quite big, as it adds a bit of a drama. On the pictures I am wearing my Max Mara silk blouse with pussy bow and I have chosen for you similar pieces.

3. Shoes with bows:


Bows on the shoes (for adults)? Everyone knows pieces like classic Salvatore Ferragamo flats, right? but now, you can spot bows far much often.

In the summer I bought white Ganni slingbacks with a massive bow on the heel and I love them so much, I am thinking to buy them also in black. They are comfortable and look very cute, don’t you think? I also found other styles with bows, which you might like this season.

4. Bows on handbags:

There are some gorgeous handbags with bows, like this Gucci Sylvie, however if you can’t spend that much money on a bag, why don’t you simply use a scarf and tie a bow on the top handle? It will look stylish and on trend, for sure. Sometimes I like like wearing a Twilly on my Birkin like that and it is a nice change to classic look of scarf around the handles.

Black Hermes Birkin Hermes Twilly

5. Bows on jewellery:

Bow earrings Chomel

I just posted about flower earrings, but bows are definitely worth mentioning as well. They look super cute, don’t you think? I bought mine when I was in Singapore and they are by Chomel jewellery. In Singapore you can find them in every shopping mall, but there isn’t great selection on their web site. So I have looked around and found similar styles. Hope you like them.


Are are you already wearing bows? What is your favourite way of wearing them? Let me know in the comments!


Have a chic weekend!




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