6 reasons why I enjoy autumn and now you can too

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You are starting to feel the chill in the air and you need to exchange a summery dresses for a long sleeve. Days are getting shorter and shorter and trees are starting to change the colour. That can mean only one thing. The autumn has arrived. I love the time when you walk in the park and you see the nature changing colours every day from bright yellow through orange to all shades of red. Some of you might only see the cold and short days, but I think that every season has something enjoyable. Therefore I wanted to share with you my reasons why I enjoy autumn and how you can enjoy it too.

6 reasons why I enjoy autumn

1. It is getting colder. But colder days mean we can finally put on warm
cashmere and wool sweaters that were hiding for far too long in the back of the wardrobe. You can start wearing again your collection of scarfs, jackets and hats that are more of fashion accessory than a piece that makes you warm.
2. You can start again your yearly experimenting with layers. The combinations are endless and it is so much fun. On the pictures below I was wearing a cashmere sweater and a long vest with a belt.
3. Shorter days mean you can spend more time in front of the fire place snuggled up on the sofa with glass of wine, mull wine or hot chocolate. All with no guilt, because you have the cashmere sweater to cover all your extra calories :-))
4. This time also mean you can start the countdown to Christmas – not many days left now, so you can start planning the festive season.
5. New season mean you can invest into new items for your wardrobe. In case you still don’t have that co say sweater, now is your chance. The colours of this seasons are as warm on the clothes as they are in the nature.
6. With new season also comes new handbags, and new trends. Plenty to choose from, so you don’t need to worry, you will definitely find the perfect handbag that you will fall in love with.
Well I am sure every one of you would have more reason to enjoy fall, but I wanted to share with you what makes my fall enjoyable.
Bag: Chanel flap bag (similar here)
Shoes: Chloe (similar here)
Hat: Reiss (same here)
Sweater: John Lewis (same here)
Jeans: Massimo Dutti 
Vest: Zara (similar here)
Brooch and earrings: both Chanel (similar here and here)
Belt: Givenchy (similar here)
Shirt: Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Enjoy your autumn
lots of love

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