5 fall fashion must have pieces for your wardrobe

5 Fall fashion must have pieces in the wardrobe

I don’t know about you, but I am starting to be cold. Again. The temperature is decreasing and the need for warmer pieces increasing. It is time to take out the transitional pieces out of the wardrobe and take them for a spin. Don’t you think? If you don’t know what to wear in this slightly awkward period, don’t worry, I have you covered. Here you will find 5 fall fashion must have pieces for your wardrobe that will take you from summer to winter without any struggle and I will also show you how to style them. Also what is great about these is that they will always be “IN”. So no matter what the fashion trends each season are, you will use these 5 pieces every year.

5 fall fashion must have pieces for your wardrobe

#1 Trench coat

Classic trench coat Michael Kors, Adidas Originals and Louis Vuitton Chain It bag

Why it is a fall fashion must have

I already showed on my IG stories last week, that I am fully in my fall mood by wearing my favourite trench coat. Especially when you live in UK, not having a trench coat is like living in Caribbean and not having a bikini. It never goes out of fashion and it gives you the perfect transition to winter coats.

How to choose a trench coat

Every year, there are so many different types and designs of trench coats, it can be overwhelming. However you can never go wrong with a classic beige, double or single breasted trench coat like this one or this one. Of course you can also go for something more fashion forward, like this patent trench coat, which I am actually considering to buy myself. Believe me, if you choose well, you will be wearing it for the years to come. Look at how Burberry is successful with their classic trench coats. One of my previous posts is fully dedicated to trench coats, so you can also check that. But simply put, trench coat is a synonym of fall and therefore a must have piece for your wardrobe.


#2 Checked blazers

Checked blazer with black jeans

Why we love them

Checked blazers are one of the most popular fall fashion must have pieces. The moment you put on you checked blazer, it is like manifesting that you are ready for fall. The checks makes the whole look more cosy. They kind of evoke the new season, don’t you think? And if you find a piece that is from tweed or wool, then of course they will also keep you warm.

How to wear them

My favourite look is wearing them with jeans, white or black top and ankle boots. In winter you just add a coat and switch your boots to knee high boots. It is one of those looks you can wear from fall to spring. Because of the checks, you don’t need to spend a fortune, as they help to mask cheaper fabric. Most of the high street brands will have some every fall, like this one here or here.

#3 Print dresses

Houndstooth motif long dress

Why we love them

Prints look amazing in the fall and you can easily style them with heels and leather or denim jacket when it is warmer. When it will get colder, you can switch to boots, both ankle and high boots goes well and a chunky knit. Animal prints are always huge in fall, but basically anything goes. Flower prints are also popular, but with any prints, opt for darker colours, like this one or this one, and leave your pastel pinks at home. Print dresses will never go out of fashion. They might miss one season or two (very unlikely) but they will be always with us.


#4 Slingback shoes

White slingback shoes, Valentino Rockstud bag

Why to get them

You can’t imagine how happy I am, that slingbacks have massive comeback for the past couple of years. I wrote about them in one of my previous posts and I hope they will stay with us as I love wearing them. Here is the thing. What other shoes you can wear when it is too warm for boots, but it is rainy? I really don’t feel like wearing ankle boots from September to June. But equally I am not brave enough to wear sandals when it is not hot enough. So I love that slingbacks have the open heel so you don’t feel that hot but when it is raining or you feel like wearing tights, you toes are covered. And if they have walkable heels, then even better. Last but not least, if you are in between sizes, sling backs have more wriggle room compering to pumps.

Why it is worth to invest in them

You can wear slingbacks with most of your outfits. They will smarten up your jeans, but will also look amazing with skirts and dresses. You can pretty much wear them most of the year and therefore they really deserve that you spend some money on them. Choose slingbacks that are comfortable enough for you to walk in them long time, like  these from my wish list. I am a big believer to always invest in high quality shoes as they are the ones carrying you around the whole day, so be kind to your feet.


#5 Biker jacket

Black biker jacket with navy blue lace ruffle dress

Real leather biker jacket vs faux leather biker jacket

Biker jackets are definitely one of the staples of fall fashion. Actually not just a fall wardrobe. They are a must have piece in everyone wardrobe all year round. They always look so amazing with pretty much anything. You can wear them day and night, with trousers and skirts or dresses, just make your pick. Real leather biker jackets are of course much more expensive then faux leather ones. I am all for faux leather clothing and I believe that now the faux leather looks as good a the real thing. However over the years I discovered few thing about how different they are (I have both version in my wardrobe, hence the comparison). When it is colder, I am always much colder in the faux leather one.


Why to invest in biker jacket

Over the years, the real leather biker jackets just gets more and more comfy and the leather more buttery soft whereas the faux leather one is as stiff as I first bought it. So as they are one of the must haves in every wardrobe, I think it make sense to invest in good quality leather. Trust me, you will wear the jackets for many years. Even when the it is getting old, real leather just look more cool whereas the faux leather just look old. So for long term, you do better with one good jacket. And you don’t even need to spend a fortune. Many brands, like All Saints have always great sales one them every season and their jackets are fabulous.Silver biker jacket and white shirt


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