5 biggest handbag trends for 2020 and which one is the “IT” bag of the year?

Main bag trends for 2020

What are the handbag trends this year? And which one is my favourite? I am a serious handbag lover, however I am not into all the trends. It is like with clothes, I am not the person who would buy all the trends just because they are trends. I like classic, timeless pieces and once in a while I like something a little bit more unusual. Be it in interesting colour or shape. So this year I am quite positively surprised, that most of the trends are actually the one I would buy. Some of them more and some of them less, but that’s life. So which are the biggest handbag trends for 2020? Without further do, let’s dive straight into it.


5 biggest handbags trends in 2020


No 1 handbag trend: Padded bags

With no doubt, padded bags are by far the biggest and the most surprising handbag trend of 2020. Not my favourite, but maybe I need to warm up to it. So many other brands are now coming with their version of padded bag and I must say, they are not at all bad. Even high street brands like Zara have their own version for good price. So what can I say? Only that padded bags together with the pouch bags are the biggest handbag trends in 2020.

Padded bags trends 2020




No 2 handbag trend: Pouch bag

One of the biggest handbags trends came from Bottega Veneta. They came up with the pouch and suddenly all we see on IG is this bag. I am a great fan of their bags, but for years there was nothing that dramatically new in their collection. Yet this year, the Pouch and the Cassette (padded and woven) lead the way and put Bottega Veneta back into the spotlight it deserves. So I love the pouch but I love it even more where there is a strap to it. I just find it slightly uncomfortable to carry the bag all day long under my arm.  I also like this one from Zara. But no matter your budget, pouch is definitely the “IT” bag of this year. Biggest handbags trends 20202 and the "IT" bag 2020, pouch bag





No 3 handbag trend: Sparkly bags

The festive period is over, but the sparkly bags are far from over. This year, sparkly bags will be big, be it silver, gold or with embellishments like this Paco Rabbane one. I must admit, I love this trend as I tend to believe that sparkly bag can immediate elevate simple and sometimes even slightly too day looking outfit into an evening one. Sparkly bags trends 2020




No 4 handbag trend: Kisslock clasp bags

Ok, I must admit, this is not my favourite trend, even though I love this Miu Miu bag. It is just that I vaguely remember this from when I was a child. My grandmother had few bags with this clasp so to me, it looks a bit too old fashioned. But never say never, maybe they will grow on me like some other trends I didn’t like when they started like culottes pants. But again, Zara has a good option. It has actually 3 trends in one bag. Slightly padded, pouch looking and with kisslock clasp.Kisslock bag trend 2020





No 5 handbag trend: Woven bags

I do like the woven bags trend and this year, even the high end brands dived straight into it. Prada already had some gorgeous bags last year, and this year the Miu Miu one are stunning as well. But these are all traditional, wooden woven ones. However Bottega Veneta also came with their own version (after their iconic leather woven bag) with quite a different take on woven.It is basically the combination of woven and padded.Biggest handbags trends for 2020 woven bags




Now, that the biggest handbags trends are revealed, which one is your personal favourite?

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