5 best bags you will need for your summer holidays

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It’s always a bit stressful to pack for the summer vacations. You will be spending a great deal of time by the pool or beach but also you might like exploring the local shops or going for a day trip. Even if you are going only for a week, it can feel like you need to pack everything you lay eyes on in your wardrobe. But your suitcase begs not to be overloaded.

Taking loads of bags is always tempting, because you understandably want to match all your outfits to the last detail. But the fact is, bags takes up a lot of space, so unless you want to take a separate suitcase just for your treasures, you will need to start prioritising. It is quite straightforward, something like a musical chairs game. The winner would be a bag that can serve you every day the whole day without you ever thinking – “Oh I wish I packed also so and so…”

Unless you are spending your summer holidays on a yacht (where you won’t need much) or backpacking (you won’t need much either) I have picked for you the best beach bags that can satisfy your demanding soul. They are all practical, stylish and perfect for your summer vacation. Ok they are the latest releases, but they are fabulous!

My first choice of the best beach bags is the Chanel Deauville canvas tote bag. You can get it is few different colour and no matter which one you choose, you will always look great 🙂


The never-out-of-fashion, long term icon and celebs key piece, the one and only Neverfull from Louis Vuitton. The new Palm Springs Neverfull bag from summer 2016 collection is so much fun and you wont be sorry packing this one.


Gucci Tian GG Supreme tote is another one that will not leave you disappointed. Spacious, stylish and what more screams summer holidays than a bag with parrots and flowers.


If you want something more simple without betraying your fashion heart, you can have a look at Balenciaga canvas tote or YSL canvas tote. And as a bonus they are also very easy to pack into your suitcase.


So what do you think? Do you want to share with me your best beach bags?


Have a lovely vacation,


Bag Vibes


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