4 best fashion trends of fall everyone loves

4 best fall fashion trends of 2019

Now, that the summer is a distant memory, we are restocking our wardrobe for fall. Last week I was talking about the 5 things you should definitely have in your wardrobe in fall every year. This week, I am focusing on biggest fashion trends of fall you can’t miss this year. The best thing about them is that you might even find something in your closet, that will fit into this years best fashion trends. so without further due let’s have a look into this.


4 Best fashion trends of fall

Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves sweater fall trends 2019

Puff sleeves stayed with us from spring and summer. Few of my friends actually told me that they don’t like this trend as the feel like it makes them look bigger. I think it is all about the right proportion (as always). If you are very petite and you will put on the biggest puff sleeves, I don’t think it will do you good. You don’t want to look like you got lost in the huge sleeves, do you? If you find the right proportion, anyone can pull this trend off. Right now, you can get tops, sweater and even a dress with a puff sleeve, so just make your pick.

The bigger question is, how you are going to fit the puff sleeves into a coat or jacket? Well, thank God oversized coats are also trendy, so maybe find one that will be comfortable even if you wear bigger sleeves.





Faux leather  is one of the biggest fashion trend of fall in 2019

Faux Leather midi skirt beige

I am happy to see that more and more brands are going the direction of using faux leather for clothing. And what I love about it is also the fact that it looks good! Well, most of the time, anyway. In some ways I think that Instagram helped with the perception of  faux leather and this fall it is going to be huge trend. Just when I was writing this post, I received these faux leather shorts from Zara, which I can’t wait to wear with white sweater and white boots for daily autumn and winter look. But wherever you look, you can find amazing faux leather pieces that will look chic this fall. Be it faux leather skirt, shorts or trousers, you will find amazing options. Nanushka is a rising star brand and this fall they have loads of faux leather items worth your attention. I particularly love these beige faux leather trousers.


Cape is a perfect piece for fall wardrobe

Black cape coat with checked shorts

Capes aren’t much new but this fall they are one of the best trends this fall. I personally love capes. There is something very cosy about them. Maybe because you can fit underneath that cosy chunky knit that doesn’t fit underneath anything else? Also I think they create nice proportions. The only downfall is, that they tend to look better on taller women. When you are a bit on the shorter side, they can make you look even shorter. To avoid that, go for more fitted and shorter capes to keep the proportions right.

Houndstooth motif

Another fall fashion trend in 2019 is houndstooth motif. You will find so many things with this motif everywhere from high end to high street. Chanel is now showing a lot of houndstooth motif everywhere. And as you know, if it is in Chanel, it must be true.

If you want, you can be in houndstooth fabric literally head to toe. I am now wearing a lot my midi dress you can see on the picture and I have currently this houndstooth jacket in my shopping basket and I also love this oversized coat. But you don’t need to stick only to clothes. Balenciaga now makes very chic flats for example ad Gucci makes this super cute hat.


Now that we covered the best fashion trends of fall, next time I will be also diving into the main colour trends of this year so stay tuned!

Have a chic day






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