10 Best handbags for travelling

10 Best handbags for travelling

Recently I was travelling quite a bit. Now every week, but definitely every other week. Apart of a my almost month travel in Singapore and Koh Samui in Thailand, it was all city breaks. Because of all that packing I had to do, I also posted about what to pack to a city break with a printable packing list. Big part of my packing is always to pack the right bags and choose the best one to travel with, whether I travel by plane or a train.

How to choose best handbags for travelling

  1. Choose darker colour. There will always be a situation you will need to put it either on the floor or dirty security belt etc. It happens to me a lot when at security I place my handbag to a tray (also not very clean) and the security person just take it out and casually “throw” my precious bag on the belt. So with dark colour handbags you will have lees stress. Black, brown, navy blue are perfect.
  2. Also I like to choose a bag from a hard wearing leather. Even though I love this buttery soft leather you find on Bottega Venetta handbags, I just hate the idea they can get easily scratched.
  3. Another of my criteria for handbags for travelling is that they have to be able to be closed. Either with a zip or a clasp or something. The idea if my handbag full of stuff falls down and all the things will roll out of there simply petrifies me.
  4. My last criteria is a size. It doesn’t need to be a huge one, but I need to fit it few things. Passport, boarding pass, wallet, iPhone, paper tissues, lip balm, lip gloss, kindle or a book and ideally also bottle of water.

So you see, I don’t think my criteria are massive non sense. But now which handbag for travelling would be now on the top of my list?

10 best handbags for travelling

What I love about these bags is that most of them have also a long strap so you can wear them cross body. They are all great size for travelling but also for all day wearing. Last two are backpacks, which of course I had to include. How easy it is to travel with a backpack and especially when it is such a cute and chic backpack?

  1. Boyy top handle bag, £865

Boyy top handle black handbag

2. Chloe Marcie Top handle croc effect bag, £1,550

Chloe Marcie croc effect shoulde handbag

3. Dolce and Gabbana Sicily bag Medium, £1050

Dolce and Gabbana Sicily Medium bag burgundy


4. Givenchy Small Star Antigona Tote bag, £ 1,225

Givenchy Small Star Antigona tote bag


5. Gucci GG Small Marmont Shoulder bag, £1, 785

Gucci GG Small Marmont black shoulder bag


6. Louis Vuitton MM Twist in blue, £ 2,400


Louis Vuitton Twist MM blue with gold hardware



7. Prada Saffiano Leather Tote, £ 1, 650

Prada Saffiano leather tote



8. Saint Laurent Large College Monogram Shoulder bag, £1, 720

Saint Laurent Large College Monogram Shoulder bag


9. Saint Laurent Medium Loulou backpack, £ 1, 445


Saint Laurent Medium Loulou backpack


10. Senreve Mini Maestra $ 775


Senreve Mini Maestra bag burgundy

Which one is your favourite handbag for travelling?

Have a chic day






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