10 best designer tote bags you want to buy this season

10 best designer tote bags this season

Tote bags are probably to easiest bags to wear. Anytime and anywhere. They also go with most of the clothes. Probably not cocktail dresses but definitely with most day clothes. So for this post I chose 10 best designer tote bags you can find this fall. What I like about them is the size. They tote bags are usually quite large and if you are one of those people who need to carry around everything you “might” need during the day, you probably like these too.

What I don’t like, is that very often large totes don’t have any sort of closing mechanism and therefore are wide open. Generally speaking I don’t like that feature with any bag. Apart of being worried I will have an encounter with pickpockets I am worried that all my stuff will roll out if it falls on the floor. I am absolutely horrified with an idea to bring such a bag to a plane or restaurant, because the chances are, it will appear on the floor at some point.

Nevertheless, I happen to like the style and I think such a bag is always good to have at home. Also in case you didn’t know, some of the designer tote bags are much cheaper (like this Saint Laurent one) than their more structured relatives. So without further do let’s have a look which designer tote bags made the top 10 this season.

10 best designer tote bags

Valentino Tote bag is the first choice. This one and few others in the post are perfect examples of the logo mania. I like the simplicity in the shape and just a pinch of rockstuds. Of course the VLTN is the latest Valentino trend so needed to include it. I costs £1,985 so definitely not the cheapest here but one that can’t be overlooked.

Valentino tote bag black VLTN bag

This Bottega Veneta tote bag is, in my opinion the second prettiest, after the Chanel vintage one below. Bottega Veneta always makes such beautiful bags and they are always very elegant. NO matter which bag from their collection you choose, it will always be a good one. This one costs £2,290.

Black Bottega Veneta tote bag

If you live in Paris, this Saint Laurent will be a must for you! Perfect shopping bag with very stylish design. Wear this one with casual clothes like jeans, biker boots and leather jacket to look like a proper Parisian. It will cost you £765.

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote

Logomania is in a full swing now so Fendi logo tote bag ticks all the boxes. It is very simple but makes big statement. Wear it with relaxed type of clothes like trainers and boyfriend jeans and chunky oversized knit. It costs £1,350.

Fendi Logo mania shopper bag designer tote bags

This Christian Louboutin beige bag with spikes is classic piece which you can practically wear with anything you want. It will also be a great bag to wear for work. It costs £1,065.

Designer tote bag Christian Louboutin beige bag

Another Saint Laurent tote bag, but this time very classic, timeless piece. I love the colour, which would be perfect now for the fall but also this bag is quite light in weight and flexible. Simple, elegant and easy to wear all day long. If you like this one, it will cost you £685.

Saint Laurent burgundy tote bag

This khaki Mulberry tote bag is with the previous Saint Laurent one simplest from the lot but sometimes that is exactly what we need and want, right?  The price tag is £750.

MULBERRY Bayswater leather tote bag

Chanel tote bag. What can I say? It is basically impossible to write an article about bags and not to include at least one Chanel. This beauty is vintage and you can get it here for the price of £3,525.30. What Goes Around Comes Around Chanel Black Caviar Tote

Another beauty that the world goes crazy right now is this gorgeous Christian Dior tote bag made of embroidered canvas. With the price tag of £2,200 it is not cheap, but it sure is beautiful. You can buy it here or directly from Dior boutiques.


Last but definitely not the least is this Gucci GG Marmont tote bag. Simple yet with a bit of a statement in the double G logo. It will cost you £2,060 but will last you many years to come.


Now before I conclude this, here are just 3 simple tips how to choose your new tote bag

  1. Pay attention to the size. Some tote bags are really big, so if you are petite, you might like to choose something smaller.
  2. Think about how and where you want to wear the bag. Some of them have quite short handles and are rather designed to wear in hand. So if you want to wear your designer tote bag on the shoulder, choose the one with longer straps, like this one or this one.
  3. As I said before, tote bags are very versatile and you can wear them with most of your clothes, but for your inspiration here is the way to wear them for work and more casually during weekend.


10 best designer tote bags how to wear tote bag

Bag / Coat / Boots / Skirt / Shirt

How to wear designer tote bags Chic Journal blog

Bag / Coat / Jeans / Sweater / Trainers


So which of the designer tote bags is your favourite?

Have a chic day






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