Why a $50,000 crocodile Birkin is worth every cent

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Since you are reading this article, chances are you own one or more Birkins already (or are thinking of getting one) Congratulations on your great taste.
But it’s a big step to move from the ordinary leather, to the hyper-expensive crocodile and alligator skin Birkins.
Here’s why it is worth it

1. First of all, if you want ultimate bag, Birkin is your bet
You know this already, but for design, quality, durability and the unmistakable sense of chic, Birkin beats all other bags – hands down.



2. Crocodile (and alligator) is the most luxurious material in the market
While crocodile looks great, it is also surprisingly practical. Whether your dress it up for the night, or down for the day time, you will always cut a dash. There is only one more luxurious material than regular crocodile and it is very rare albino Nilo crocodile skin which is used for the Himalayan Birkin. It was just announced on CNN, that one of those was sold in Hong Kong – the matte Diamond Himalaya Nilo Birkin 30cm with 18k white gold hardware and encrusted with diamonds. It was sold by a private Asian collector in an auction to an anonymous client for whopping $300K which makes it now the most expensive handbag in the world ever sold! Imagine that only 2 Diamond Himalayas are produced each year. Exclusive enough for you?


3. Better investment than gold or stocks

Just recently all over the internet were news claiming that Birkins are a better investment than stocks or gold. It is true. Over time, both stocks and gold fluctuate in price, however Birkins keep their price just fine and regularly sell for up to 100% more than you paid for them, when they are in immaculate condition. More so if they are from an exclusive material like crocodile.


birkin croc

4. You join an exclusive club

If you own any Birkin you are already in an exclusive club.  A croc Birkin simply puts this up a notch. Furthermore you will join celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian both of who are famous for their love for Hermes design while owning a substantial collection.  More importantly, you will join some of the most stylish and elegant women in the world, whether or not they are famous.

birkins celebs



crocodile birkin

5. Finally. What else can you spend the money on?

A car?  A reasonably good vacation?  No thanks.  I’ll stick to the bag.


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