White handbag is a perfect accessory for the summer

Once in while I am thinking why I actually don’t own one single properly white handbag. Not creme, not off white, just plain crisp white. It is usually around the time when summer is starting, so I have decided to dedicate and article about it. Always thinking I would love to get one, I started to do the research and look for a white handbag that would be perfect both with the summer dresses as well as more casual clothes. A bag I can wear during the summer days as well as hot summer nights.

And do you want to know why I never get one? Here is the thing. White handbag get dirty quite fast. I know that fashion is not always about practicality or comfort, but still. Also for some reason, they can look “cheap” if the design and quality is not absolutely perfect.  So the just the combination of the sky high price and the impracticality just puts me off a little. Also there is something 80’s about them, don’t you think? Kind of Miami Vice look. View Post