Marie de la Roche purses are bold and beautiful

Every day we look at handbags. Handbags we have at home, handbags that our friends have or handbags famous brands are offering. All the brands are teasing us with the most beautiful designs and we don’t know which one to buy first. Will it be Dior or Chanel? Maybe Louis Vuitton? But what about new brands? Are you in touch with what is going on outside of the big fashion houses? Are you familiar with the new up and coming brands that are starting to compete with the best ones? No? Well don’t worry, because today I have a brand just like that to share with you.

The newcomer is called Marie de la Roche and her statement handbags will for sure get your attention. While this brand is fairly new (launched in 2015 in Middle East), it is definitely one to watch. Furthermore these bags are very colourful and playful, but don’t miss a bit of an attitude.  View Post