How to wear kimono jackets without looking like in the pyjama

Kimonos are super trendy and the Asian inspiration is quite clear. What is not very clear though is how to wear kimono without looking like you are wearing pyjamas. You really need to be quite careful. You really don’t want to end up looking like you didn’t have time in the morning to put on decent clothes and thought that no one will notice. Even though I must admit seeing the beautiful Gigi Hadid wearing regular pyjamas, I might change my mind. But she is a supermodel and supermodels get away with fashion statements like this one. Regular people hardly ever do. Well just think for a second. Can YOU REALLY show up in the office wearing pyjamas? Do you really think your boss would appreciate your sense of style? Well I don’t think so, unless you happen to work in fashion industry. But don’t you worry, there is a hope for us mortals, who like to be fashionable without turning heads for all the wrong reasons. View Post