Sara Battaglia for Salvatore Ferragamo

It is almost like a custom that a certain brands lean towards bags with certain selection of colours. Some go darker as a rule, some present loads of light shades, but most bags are usually mono coloured. Although every new season they surprise with a release of a bag with a colour no one expects, after a while it all goes back to normal. I like this. I like that I can count on my favourite brands to keep producing bags in colours I like to buy. Call me boring, but sometimes life is so busy, it is nice to have some things certain. Salvatore Ferragamo is one of those brands.

But sometimes, a classic colour is not enough.  Sometimes, you have a craving for something more dramatic, more exciting and more, yes, colourful.  This year there is a perfect answer to this from Salvatore Ferragamo. Not the first company one would normally expect to go in this direction, but it certainly was a right move. This year Salvatore Ferragamo has joined with the very talented Sara Battaglia to create a collection that is inspired by the colours of the rainbow and the results are outstanding. This collection of bags is fun, colourful, creative and very modern while staying true to their traditional designs. You can choose from several different models which you can see here.

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Tod’s presents new seriously cool bags

Over the many years Tod’s has been the synonymous of the elegance. We can see the Italian craftsmanship in every stitch and women who choose classic over trendy, one season lasting extravagance love them unconditionally. Women who like these bags have few things in common. They are beautiful, elegant and love classic fashion. The HRH Duchess of Cambridge is a long time fan, as well as Amal Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Kelly Rutheford or Gwyneth Paltrow. I am also a fan of the recognisable shapes and beautifully soft leather although i am not celebrity.

This year Tod’s released surprising combinations of colours and materials. Wow they really did it well. The way they played with them on their classic designs is genius, new and original. What I love about them is the way they combined not obviously compatible colours and materials with such a grace. It is like making you think – well of course this would look great together and these celebrities know it already.

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My 3 rules for the day party bag

I live in the UK so maybe it is just appropriate that I start lots of my articles by mentioning the weather. So now the weather is finally getting better, we are having some beautiful sunny days and that means that we are ready to start the planning of all sorts of parties. Some of them will be outside so we need to make sure you are ready to attend with the perfect bag. It is not easy to get dressed for the garden party. The rules can be a little bit unclear and you need to make sure you are not under dressed. You know what they say – there no such thing as being over dressed, it is just the others are under-dressed!

It can be particularly tricky with the shoes, as you hardly ever know if you will be walking over the grass or there will be a hard floor (very unlikely). So this time leave your heels at home and wear wedges and you will avoid sinking into the soil. Not only does it make you look shorter, but also will do your heels no good . Wear a nice dress. There are hundreds to chose from and I sure you have this sorted already. View Post


Why would you like to invest in a Chanel Boy bag

The Chanel bag is a phenomenon and women all around the whole world want to have one. Over many decades, the most popular bag has undoubtedly been the Flap design. But for the past few years, there has been a new player called Boy, which has swept us all off our feet. Now, everywhere you look the Chanel bag Boy seems to be taking over the reign from the Flap bag. Don’t get me wrong, the flap bag is and always will be one of the most desirable bags in the world, but for now we are obsessed with Chanel bag Boy. It comes in many sizes, countless of colours and different materials. The latest in shops is the release of the patent leather for the spring collection. I personally adore it.


Do you still need reasons why you should have at least one Chanel bag Boy? Here are some of my thoughts

  1. It is edgy and elegant at the same time. You can dress up or dress down, it will always look good
  2. It is one of the “IT” bags of the moment. You want to be up the speed right?
  3. Day or night you can wear it anytime 
  4. You an choose from countless of colors and sizes (frankly any Chanel bag will make you feel good)
  5. Celebrities love them and they sure know why
  6. And it is soo pretty don’t you think? What’s not to love?



chanel celebs


chanel boy1


So what are you waiting for? Go and splurge on a new Chanel bag Boy.  You deserve it.


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