Discover the secret to an efficient wardrobe detox with these 7 rules to follow

Finally I made a decision to do a really big wardrobe detox. You might think, that it is normal, nothing unusual, right? Well, let me tell you. In my case it is VERY unusual. In fact, this was my first real, chuck-it-all-out type of wardrobe detox. My personal attachment to clothes didn’t have a chance to win the battle. Ok, once in a while, I throw away bits and pieces, mainly though things that are broken or are a wrong size.

This time, however, I was determined. My wardrobe was literally crying for help. For some reason, I can’t get rid of things just like that. Every piece of clothing or shoes has a story. Some of the stories go way back to my university (Yes really, I still have clothes from more than a decade ago). And to do the task properly, I got a help from an excellent stylist Anna from Cliftonstyle (IG @cliftonstyle). View Post


Why this Tara Jarmon dress is my long term saviour when I want to look effortlessly chic

Here is a question for you. Do you have this one perfect dress that you always tend to go for at certain occasions? Do you have this ideal piece that always saves you whenever you need it?

Tara Jarmon dress

Well I do and it is my Tara Jarmon dress I bought already some time ago. It is literally my saviour whenever I want to look very elegant but effortless. What I love is the loose shape (comes in handy when you eat a lot). I love the colour, which is timeless and you can wear it all year round. The materials is quite thick, so it is not completely clear that is purely for summer. It has the perfect combination of the wintery fabric and summery colour. I love the little crystal detail at the neckline (you don’t need any other jewellery) which makes it look a bit more special. View Post


Yes, you can wear kimono on the beach and this one by Pitusa is ideal

The summer is not over yet, even though here in UK it looks like it haven’t even started yet. My holidays are over too. Well at least the main ones, with loads of sun and hot evenings spent under the starry sky. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. However I wanted to share with you this. As you probably read before, I like to wear beach covers. It just gives you a bit more elegance when you want to have a stroll on the beach. Even if you are spending the day by the pool, it is always nice to have something to quickly put on. Well this Pitusa kimono is just ideal. View Post


This is the perfect black playsuit that you can wear instead of a mini dress

Hot summer nights gives you the perfect opportunity to wear something short and sexy. Mini dress would be the obvious choice, of course. Or shorts, if you have some evening looking ones. But what about a black playsuit? It is a perfect combination of the comfort and sexiness. Also there is something about short mini dress and short romper. I would probably never wear such a short dress, but with the playsuit it is quite different, don’t you think? Playsuits (or rompers) are huge this season and you should not have a problem to get one easily. I got my black playsuit by Finders Keepers on Revolve website. There are countless different options and all of them beautiful, that it took me a while to choose one. View Post


That Rachel Pally dress that makes you look chic all day long in the summer

Having at least one summer long dress is a must. You don’t need to pass hot days only in short dresses. I personally love wearing them. There is something relaxing about them, don’t you think? Plus long dress will always give you some extra chic vibe. Whatever the style or cut, they make you look a bit more elegant then their short version. So when I received this Rachel Pally dress, I instantly feel in love with it. The fabric is quite heavy (jersey knit), which makes it really stay in the right place at all times. I was slightly concerned that the hem is just and not finished. But then i realised that this fabric doesn’t really need it. The waist area has an elastic band, so it holds really well. I am not a huge fan of those, but it is nothing that a nice belt can’t solve.

Rachel Pally dress design

There are halter strap lines around the neck, which ties in at the back of the dress. I must confess, this is a bit of an struggle to do it myself and I had to practice. As I like to have the straps quite tight, I have to undo it every time I want to put the dress on. Nevertheless, this Rachel Pally dress is now one of my favourites for summer. She is know for her ability to combine easy and effortless with classic and chic. Her clients include Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba and now me as well. How cool is that 🙂  View Post