Black Friday SALES! The best deals you don’t want to miss!

It is here! The BLACK FRIDAY SALES! Time of the year to look for the perfect deals. Even though I feel like that recently it is going a bit crazy and people are buying things just because they are on the massive sale. Regardless if they need it or not. Well at least with fashion, we always “need” the new pair of shoes, there is never enough handbags in our wardrobe and the new clothes? Well don’t get me started on this one. So I found for you the BEST this year’s BLACK FRIDAY DEALS.

Best shoes deals

Ok, show me a woman, who said “I have enough shoes in my closet and don’t need more” 🙂 I think every woman likes to wear beautiful shoes, and there NEVER enough of them. So why don’t you spoil yourself a little and get some of these amazing ones? The Black Friday sales deals are limited, so don’t miss this opportunity 🙂


Best handbags deals

Who wouldn’t to have a beautiful designer handbags? But they are so expensive, right? Well then take an opportunity to get one with significant discount right now. These are the most trendy ones and on sale right now 🙂


Best coats deals

If you haven’t bought your winter coat yet, now is your chance! Whether you are looking for a long one or short, black or any other colour, chances are, you will find it here.


Best knitwear deals

There is nothing more cosy in the winter than a nice knitwear. Here are all the trends you can look for. Long, oversized, with ruffles, chunky and more. Just explore and find what you need.



Best dresses deals

Festive season is starting, so it is the perfect time for you to indulge in beautiful dresses. So many different choices and all with great discount. Well Black Friday deals can’t get better than this.


Best jewellery deals

If you have already started to look for the perfect Christmas gift, look no further, as these amazing accessories will make any woman happy. From watches to rings, you will find beautiful present worthy pieces.

Happy shopping my friends





6 simple rules on how to wear shorts in winter and look fabulous

Do you also love wearing shorts? Yes, silly question, I know, who wouldn’t. Shorts must be one of the most comfortable piece of clothing. Maybe alongside with a good t-shirt. Or ideally together. But summer is over, and we are back in trousers. Well, but don’t put your favourite pair in the attic just yet, as now I can show you how to wear shorts also in the winter. And here is a guide how to make sure you will still look classy and chic.

How to wear shorts in the winter

  • The length. Choose those shorts that are as far as possible from hot pants. The length should be ideally somewhere between 5cm and 15cm below your bottom. You can also opt for longer, up to your knees, but then it is more like bermudas. (but why not, they look good in winter). Anything shorter than that and you can look cheap.
  • The style. Even though in summer you might like to wear tight shorts, avoid these in winter. Rather go for wide legged, as it will look much better under the coat.
  • Fabric is very important. Choose heavier fabric, or at least heavier looking fabric. Ideal is tweed or wool. That means, leave your denim ones and silk ones in the wardrobe for next summer.
  • Go for a darker colour. Bright colours don’t look that good. Avoid orange, pink or yellow (unless it is mustard yellow)
  • Wear it with dark tights. These can be with or without pattern. Just make sure you will not clash the pattern on the tights with the one on the shorts (if they have one).
  • What to wear it with. High heels pumps (like these) or boots. Both under the knee and over the knee are fine. Choose a chunky sweater and a longer coat, if it is really cold, or nice preppy top, like this one and short jacket. You can also add nice scarf without pattern, so that you don’t have too much going on.



Now, that you know how to wear shorts in winter, just choose the right one for you. There are now loads of different options for shorts that are suitable for wearing in the winter. Just choose the ones you like below, and you can be the star of the casual Friday.

Bag: Chanel, Shorts: Club Monaco , Jacket: Sandro, Top: Michael Kors (similar here), Shoes: Gianvito Rossi (similar here and here), Brooch: Chanel (similar here) , Sunglasses: Prada (similar here), Earrings: Chanel (similar here)







The Christmas gift. Your guide to best presents is finally here

It ‘s the most wonderful time of the year. Lights and decoration everywhere and you are starting to panic about all the presents you want to buy. Or are you one of those people who have all the shopping done already by the time fall starts? I am definitely not one of those people and I don’ t mind it. The only issue is, that sometimes I feel like all the choices and boosted advertisement for literally everything can be a bit too overwhelming. And I know some of you might feel the same. What to buy and where? What would be the perfect Christmas gift?

Well this year, all can be different and much easier, as I prepared for you the Ultimate Holidays Gift Guide. It is a catalogue of all the presents a woman can “need”. So, if you are a woman reading this, maybe you can pass it on to your husband, after you choose some presents “For Him”. And if you are a man, well, you know what to do now. View Post


How to wear black and white outfit this autumn

Black and white outfit. Such a classic combination. Already Coco Chanel once said, that “black and white is the perfect harmony”. There is nothing classier than these two colours together. You simply can go wrong. Be it for the work place, dinner date or casual weekend always, black and white outfit will never let you down. Who wouldn’t like it? It is one of the most classic combinations and you can nail it too. First, don’t be scared to wear a white dress in the winter. It doesn’t need to be always trousers and a top. It actually looks really good when you combine white dress with no sleeves with black sweater and black tights and shoes. And just like that, you have the perfect black and white outfit. Simple enough, right?

My black and white outfit

I have just discovered recently the white (well off white) dress that I used to wear only in summer. The cut, the colour and the design, everything screamed to me summer. But the second I teamed it with black turtleneck and black tights, I suddenly saw a completely new look. And it is perfect for winter season as well, don’t you think?

Normally I am not a huge fan of flat shoes with a dress bit I do like it with this combination. Also the shoes are not completely flat either. So this my black and white outfit I can wear all day long and feel comfortable in it. I chose Tom Ford sunglasses, Chanel earrings, Ferragamo shoes and Hermes Birkin bag.

Bag: Hermes Birkin, Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo, Dress and Sweater: Zara, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Earrings: Chanel






Minimalist Kaytie Wu jewellery that you will fall in love with

Jewellery is makes every outfit complete, do you agree? How often do you buy new pieces? You can wear the same outfit and then just change the jewellery and you will have the whole new look. I love jewellery, but I am not very good at buying it. Why? It is simple. I find it very difficult to choose from the limitless selection you see everywhere. It can be overwhelming. That is one of the reasons I was so happy to receive the beautiful jewellery from the team of the Kaytie Wu jewellery team. View Post