The perfect briefcase to complement every man’s personal style

My blog is mainly focused on the women designer handbags, however I think it is important to include men as well. Long gone are the times when only women were interested in the latest trends. Not only women carry around loads of things on a daily basis. So this article is dedicated to all the men out there interested in bags particularly in briefcases and all the women who love to buy their husband or boyfriend the perfect briefcase for work. View Post


Mini bag and 5 reason why you should buy one right now

With a constant battle we are trying to establish, what bag sizes are currently in? One week we are all about the bigger the better, and the next one the tiniest of bags are getting all the attention. Well I give up. It is just that there are millions of women who love a good handbag that it is impossible to put them all in one box. Everyone like something else. And that is great. That is why we have all the time so many choices. Plus we don’t need to stick to one size just because someone said it is cool right now. It is great that we have the freedom to change our preferences on daily basis. So today I have decided to dedicate this article to the phenomena of a mini bag. View Post


Double T handbag. Tod’s cooperates with the famous tattooist

It is a custom that brands collaborate time to time with other designers or celebrities. It less usual though to collaborate with a someone who is neither of those two categories. Tod’s made this fall a new best friend in the form of the famous tattooist. First of all she is not a newbie in the fashion world. She worked with Kate Moss or an innovative designer Luella Bartley. So close enough to the celebrity world. This London born tattooist’s name is Saira Hunjan and she is incredibly talented. Right now she is creating for Tod’s a limited edition design for the F/W 16 iconic Double T handbag. You can already see a short video on the Tod’s website featuring the beautiful Suki Waterhouse and the creation process of the Double T handbag. View Post


Tod’s presents new seriously cool bags

Over the many years Tod’s has been the synonymous of the elegance. We can see the Italian craftsmanship in every stitch and women who choose classic over trendy, one season lasting extravagance love them unconditionally. Women who like these bags have few things in common. They are beautiful, elegant and love classic fashion. The HRH Duchess of Cambridge is a long time fan, as well as Amal Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Kelly Rutheford or Gwyneth Paltrow. I am also a fan of the recognisable shapes and beautifully soft leather although i am not celebrity.

This year Tod’s released surprising combinations of colours and materials. Wow they really did it well. The way they played with them on their classic designs is genius, new and original. What I love about them is the way they combined not obviously compatible colours and materials with such a grace. It is like making you think – well of course this would look great together and these celebrities know it already.

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