Prada launches elegant Bibliotèque bag

For me Prada always has been and still is one of those brands that makes perfect handbags for the perfect business woman. Slick, elegant and sharp (like the woman herself), hard wearing materials and classic colours. If you go for a business meeting a perfect bag gives you more confidence.

A lot of people think that no one ever notices what bag you have. Furthermore, many women would rather buy a new suit or dress or shoes. Makes sense right? Well let me tell you this. Not only the dress and shoes make an impression. It is the bag that completes the story of who you are. I am a big believer that not only clothes make the man (well in this case the woman). Bags speak to us whether we want them to or not and we should never forget that. View Post


Small bags are taking the lead

There are days that it seems like the bigger the bag, the better the look. Some of the hottest brands have designed some of the biggest bags, and women seem to love them just as much now as they did when they started their rise toward popularity.

The problem?

Their tiny rivals are starting to take their spotlight as some women are looking for something just a bit smaller in size but as cool or even cooler than the big bag. Sometimes we just don’t feel like wearing the biggest bag we find, but just the opposite. In fact, some women are headed for something a lot smaller, and many fashion forward celebs are leading the charge.

The small size, though, doesn’t mean lower price. They can be as pricey as the bigger ones, but they sure are worth it. Tiny bags are everywhere, and the biggest names in design are creating bags that hold only the essentials.

Keep an eye out for the ones you love! Check out a few of the tiny bags that will definitely make you increase your imaginary handbags wish list for this year. Finally here is my selection.

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