Mini bag and 5 reason why you should buy one right now

With a constant battle we are trying to establish, what bag sizes are currently in? One week we are all about the bigger the better, and the next one the tiniest of bags are getting all the attention. Well I give up. It is just that there are millions of women who love a good handbag that it is impossible to put them all in one box. Everyone like something else. And that is great. That is why we have all the time so many choices. Plus we don’t need to stick to one size just because someone said it is cool right now. It is great that we have the freedom to change our preferences on daily basis. So today I have decided to dedicate this article to the phenomena of a mini bag. View Post


Double T handbag. Tod’s cooperates with the famous tattooist

It is a custom that brands collaborate time to time with other designers or celebrities. It less usual though to collaborate with a someone who is neither of those two categories. Tod’s made this fall a new best friend in the form of the famous tattooist. First of all she is not a newbie in the fashion world. She worked with Kate Moss or an innovative designer Luella Bartley. So close enough to the celebrity world. This London born tattooist’s name is Saira Hunjan and she is incredibly talented. Right now she is creating for Tod’s a limited edition design for the F/W 16 iconic Double T handbag. You can already see a short video on the Tod’s website featuring the beautiful Suki Waterhouse and the creation process of the Double T handbag. View Post


Denim handbags and why you should have one in your wardrobe

Denim is like never ending story. Fashion is changing so fast we don’t even have time to blink and and there is some new trend going on and we are constantly anxious to miss out. Well it is a different story with denim. Ever since the Levis jeans became a regular piece of clothing instead of just a working uniform, it never left us again. Ok there are also trends in the type and colour of the denim, maybe also cuts but the bottom line is, denim stick with us like chewing gum on the shoe sole. In a good way though. When it comes to denim, we have seen all. Now also denim handbags are surfacing as well. View Post


Velvet handbags and the best shoes to match them with

Over the last few years we are seeing velvet surfacing very gently every fall. Designers were very cautious about this heavy fabric. Maybe because it can easily add to your age and weight if you are not careful. But this fall something changed. Designers are not any more shy about the use of this material. Other way round they went all out. You can now see velvet everywhere. There is so much velvet, it almost makes you feel like from another planet if you are not owning at least one velvet piece. And that is not all. Handbags also fall straight into this trend. This season velvet handbags are a huge hit.

Designers who are now making velvet handbags must be over the moon now. Because this trend really caught everyone’s heart. Most of the velvet handbags are in very rich dark colours, clearly for the season time, however I wouldn’t be surprised if we would see more of this coming later toward spring time in lighter colours.

Now the question is, how do you style your velvet handbags? What do you wear it with? Velvet always goes well with very light fabric, like satin to compensate the heavy look.What kind of shoes you match it with? Well if you get completely stuck, you can always match it is velvet shoes. I know it is not an easy task to find perfectly matching shoes, so I did the work for you and here you can see the hottest velvet handbags with matching shoes of the season.

Jimmy Choo this season created a great selection when it comes to velvet. I have chosen this golden velvet handbag (via Jimmy Choo £ 475) with same colour (via Neiman Marcus $895) shoes from the same brand. It is slightly unusual colour and that is what make the classic design much more exciting.



Another Jimmy Choo set. In fact it is the same shoulder bag (via Saks Fifth Avenue $ 765) like the previous one just in different colour. The shoes (via Neiman Marcus $ 750) are the same brand high heel and sexy.



Les Petit Jouers dark red velvet bag (via Neiman Marcus $ 1020) with these Miu Miu heels (via Neiman Marcus $ 750) is a perfect match for those looking for more bohemian look.



Seems like the rich red is the velvet colour of the season. MCM studded red velvet handbag (via Neiman Marcus $ 1150) paired with Charlotte Olympia shoes (via Neiman Marcus $695). Don’t you love it?



Saint Laurent red velvet shoulder bag (via Bergdorf Goodman $ 1990) and the Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots (via Neiman Marcus $ 798) is one hottest combination I saw lately.



This Lanvin  velvet handbag (via Neiman Marcus $ 1395) paired with stunning Manolo Blahnik heels (via Neiman Marcus $ 965) is amazing.I am absolutely obsessing about the richness of this dark red.



OK maybe red or dark red is too much for you to handle? Maybe you prefer something more subtle? in that case why dont you go for navy blue. Traditional and classic yet still in trendy velvet. This Hayward bag (via Neiman Marcus $ 650) is perfect for daytime and you can easily pair it with these Saint Laurent ankle boots (via Neiman Marcus $ 995). Perfect choice if you want an upgrade from your normal leather boots.





Stella Mccartney navy shoulder bag (via Neiman Marcus $ 1595) and Jimmy Choo shoes (via Neiman Marcus $ 890). Navy, or rather midnight blue I would call this colour is a great option if you want to play it quite safe but are tired of black. This bag is stunning and these Jimmy Choo shoes will certainly make your legs looks mile long.



Gucci Marmont in black velvet (via Neiman Marcus $1290 for mini Marmont). I had to add as well some black classic. Gucci Marmont is a hit this year and in the black you simply can’t go wrong. There are plenty of black shoes out there, so will be quite easy for you to match. I have chosen rock chic Balmain boots (via Neiman Marcus $ 1565). These amazing boots will make even your rainy days special.




So if you are still not having at least one velvet piece you better hurry before someone else will buy it first.

have a wonderful fall


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Luxury iPhone cases that will take your fashion statements to the next level

So here is a question to you. How often you are holding your phone during the day? The chances are, that your answer is “so often that I can’t even count it”. I would imagine, that if you have an Instagram account, or you are an instagrammer, your telephone is your office.

Have you actually notice how much people use their phones? No? Well then have a look one day around you. Queues are great examples. Next time you will be standing in one, try not to reach for your phone and look how many people are checking theirs. Not because someone called or wrote a text, but purely to kill the time. Checking the email. Looking up how many more followers they get on the Instagram. Reading the news. Checking the photos from last night party. Interesting, yes? View Post