These are the 10 best luxury designer bags under the £1000

Luxury handbags are very expensive indeed (hence luxury duh!!!). It is not only because of the production costs or materials. Of course you pay for the exclusivity of the brand. With some brands, it is almost impossible task to bags under £1000. When you ask around, this amount seems to be the psychological limit unless you consider yourself rich enough to not care. And I know how upsetting it is for you if you are craving to have at least one high end designer number in your closet. So don’t you worry, there is still hope for you. And what is even better, you don’t need to break you bank account to get one. I have found for you these 10 best handbags under £1000. View Post


Red and pink handbags that are perfect for your Valentines day

Another year, another Valentines day. Those of you who read my article on this topic last year know, that I love this special day. So I will not repeat myself. Instead I will show you my favourite bags for this year celebration. As theme seems to be presenting itself on a silver plate I couldn’t resist but go for the sexy red and softer pink colours. Normally I am not much into red accessories but this time I will make an exception. In the end of the day we are celebrating love, right?

So I have chosen these top 10 perfect handbags. They are so cute you will feel like a cupid just shot you with his handbag arrow. View Post


Coach stepped up their game with made to order Rogue handbag

The other day I went to the Coach House on Regent street in London and absolutely loved it. I wanted to explore what is new in the handbags department and quite unexpectedly I found myself sitting with Alessandro, the brand’s made to order specialist. It was quite an amazing experience as I was introduced to the fairly new (launched in November 2016) Rogue handbag. And now you can have this bag made to order! So ladies if you are bored of the handbags that everybody has, rush to Coach and create your own design from scratch! View Post


Handbags under the radar for the 2017

End of January is always a bit weird. Sales ended, all the festivities ended, no public holiday to look forward to soon and it is still cold and dark outside. One could say it is the perfect time to stay at home, lit the fire place (if you have some) and have a glass of wine (no guilt). I have days like this as well (especially when it is raining as a bonus) however I also now have time to go through my wardrobe and sort out seasonal clothes. Christmas and skiing holidays are over so for me winter is over as well (at least mentally anyway).

I can start thinking about what I would like to buy for the new season and how can I combine it with what I have already. Shops are already revealing their new collections so browsing through the ranks for clothes and shelves full of new great handbags is a delight. It is like a gust of fresh air promising nicer weather. View Post


The best handbags deals you will find this sale season

So Christmas is officially over. The whole 2016 is officially over. I hope you had a wonderful year and hope this year will be even better. Beginning of a new year is always the same (at least for me). It is all about starting again with the healthy food and fitness regime after rather indulgent festive season. I am not much into the new years resolution as I believe that if you want to do something you will do it and you don’t need a new year for that. This time of the year is very quiet, but never the less there is one excitement going on and that is called SALES! This is the time of the year when you can get overly excited about getting the best handbags deals.   View Post