Designer handbags that are on the top of my wish list

Once in a while there is always someone asking me what are my current favourite designer handbags. What are the designer handbags that are on the top of my wish list? And you know what? I actually find it quite difficult to answer that.

Every day is different:

There are so many amazing designer handbags at any given moment that when it comes to the decision to pick few, it is just too difficult. Every day or week or month I might have different preference. Even my mood or clothes I am wearing at that given moment might influence my answer. For example, whenever I am wearing a lot of jeans and sporty clothes, I would put on that wish list something quite sporty and simple. When I am about to go for a nice dinner I would probably tell you something quite opposite. View Post


Rare and extraordinary handbags from the Louis Vuitton collection

Ever since Nicolas Ghesquiere took the reign in the Louis Vuitton house, the collections are getting more and more exciting. The portfolio of handbags is huge and each design has countless of varieties. You haven’t found the one you want? No problem, as even some of the rare numbers they can make for your. You might need to wait a fair amount of time (up to six months even) but if that’s what you want, why not?

Some of the very exclusive ones come in just few pieces. That is why you really need to be regular (or lucky) to find out about them as they are sold as quickly as they come in. There is such a huge demand for Louis Vuitton that sometimes even regulars need to wait for their dream bag (delivery maybe from different store or even different country). It is astonishing how much loyalty and love this brand has. And quite rightly so. View Post


Louis Vuitton presents the new Chain It Bag

I love the excitement when the new handbags collection came to stores and are ready to find their new owners. Ok you see them during fashion shows, but it is not the same. You can’t buy it, you don’t even know what they are called or how much they will cost. But once they are in the store it is the whole different story. You can touch them and try them and that is exciting. So I wanted to share with you the latest darling from Louis Vuitton. One of my favourite bags for this season is called Chain It Bag. It is completely new release and I am sure it will be a huge hit. View Post


These are the 10 best luxury designer bags under the £1000

Luxury handbags are very expensive indeed (hence luxury duh!!!). It is not only because of the production costs or materials. Of course you pay for the exclusivity of the brand. With some brands, it is almost impossible task to bags under £1000. When you ask around, this amount seems to be the psychological limit unless you consider yourself rich enough to not care. And I know how upsetting it is for you if you are craving to have at least one high end designer number in your closet. So don’t you worry, there is still hope for you. And what is even better, you don’t need to break you bank account to get one. I have found for you these 10 best handbags under £1000. View Post


The perfect briefcase to complement every man’s personal style

My blog is mainly focused on the women designer handbags, however I think it is important to include men as well. Long gone are the times when only women were interested in the latest trends. Not only women carry around loads of things on a daily basis. So this article is dedicated to all the men out there interested in bags particularly in briefcases and all the women who love to buy their husband or boyfriend the perfect briefcase for work. View Post