Designer handbags that are on the top of my wish list

Once in a while there is always someone asking me what are my current favourite designer handbags. What are the designer handbags that are on the top of my wish list? And you know what? I actually find it quite difficult to answer that.

Every day is different:

There are so many amazing designer handbags at any given moment that when it comes to the decision to pick few, it is just too difficult. Every day or week or month I might have different preference. Even my mood or clothes I am wearing at that given moment might influence my answer. For example, whenever I am wearing a lot of jeans and sporty clothes, I would put on that wish list something quite sporty and simple. When I am about to go for a nice dinner I would probably tell you something quite opposite. View Post


Why a $50,000 crocodile Birkin is worth every cent

Feature Photo: Timothy A. Clary

Since you are reading this article, chances are you own one or more Birkins already (or are thinking of getting one) Congratulations on your great taste.
But it’s a big step to move from the ordinary leather, to the hyper-expensive crocodile and alligator skin Birkins.
Here’s why it is worth it

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