Luxury iPhone cases that will take your fashion statements to the next level

So here is a question to you. How often you are holding your phone during the day? The chances are, that your answer is “so often that I can’t even count it”. I would imagine, that if you have an Instagram account, or you are an instagrammer, your telephone is your office.

Have you actually notice how much people use their phones? No? Well then have a look one day around you. Queues are great examples. Next time you will be standing in one, try not to reach for your phone and look how many people are checking theirs. Not because someone called or wrote a text, but purely to kill the time. Checking the email. Looking up how many more followers they get on the Instagram. Reading the news. Checking the photos from last night party. Interesting, yes? View Post


10 best bags to buy for this autumn

So school started and the summer is over. The autumn is officially starting to creeping up on us and that means we need to check our wardrobe and bag status. Are you happy with what you see there? Maybe you are like me and every season you are complaining that you have nothing to wear and no bags to match the current season and trends. So no need to stress further, as i just found for you the 10 best bags to buy for this fall. View Post


Backpacks. Are they IN or are they OUT?

When I was a little girl, I remember going to school every day wearing a backpack. In those days there were two occasions when you were wearing a backpack. Going to school and travelling or maybe if you stretch it then you could  also add some kind of sport, like hiking. You would struggle to find a woman strutting down the road in the latest fashion wearing a backpack. But those days are long gone. Gone are the times when a backpack was a purely utilitarian piece of luggage. And the times when they were made mainly from waterproof fabrics also disappeared in ancient history.

Backpacks have been making a massive comeback in the last few years. Brands are competing for the most fashionable designs and people around the whole world are obsessing about the combination of the comfort and luxury. Now backpacks are part of the daily life of a modern woman. From going to the gym in the latest sport attire while wearing the most fashionable backpack to shopping in Fifth Avenue or Sloane street, backpacks deserve to get our attention. View Post


Small bags are taking the lead

There are days that it seems like the bigger the bag, the better the look. Some of the hottest brands have designed some of the biggest bags, and women seem to love them just as much now as they did when they started their rise toward popularity.

The problem?

Their tiny rivals are starting to take their spotlight as some women are looking for something just a bit smaller in size but as cool or even cooler than the big bag. Sometimes we just don’t feel like wearing the biggest bag we find, but just the opposite. In fact, some women are headed for something a lot smaller, and many fashion forward celebs are leading the charge.

The small size, though, doesn’t mean lower price. They can be as pricey as the bigger ones, but they sure are worth it. Tiny bags are everywhere, and the biggest names in design are creating bags that hold only the essentials.

Keep an eye out for the ones you love! Check out a few of the tiny bags that will definitely make you increase your imaginary handbags wish list for this year. Finally here is my selection.

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5 best bags you will need for your summer holidays

It’s always a bit stressful to pack for the summer vacations. You will be spending a great deal of time by the pool or beach but also you might like exploring the local shops or going for a day trip. Even if you are going only for a week, it can feel like you need to pack everything you lay eyes on in your wardrobe. But your suitcase begs not to be overloaded.

Taking loads of bags is always tempting, because you understandably want to match all your outfits to the last detail. But the fact is, bags takes up a lot of space, so unless you want to take a separate suitcase just for your treasures, you will need to start prioritising. It is quite straightforward, something like a musical chairs game. The winner would be a bag that can serve you every day the whole day without you ever thinking – “Oh I wish I packed also so and so…”

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