Backpacks. Are they IN or are they OUT?

When I was a little girl, I remember going to school every day wearing a backpack. In those days there were two occasions when you were wearing a backpack. Going to school and travelling or maybe if you stretch it then you could  also add some kind of sport, like hiking. You would struggle to find a woman strutting down the road in the latest fashion wearing a backpack. But those days are long gone. Gone are the times when a backpack was a purely utilitarian piece of luggage. And the times when they were made mainly from waterproof fabrics also disappeared in ancient history.

Backpacks have been making a massive comeback in the last few years. Brands are competing for the most fashionable designs and people around the whole world are obsessing about the combination of the comfort and luxury. Now backpacks are part of the daily life of a modern woman. From going to the gym in the latest sport attire while wearing the most fashionable backpack to shopping in Fifth Avenue or Sloane street, backpacks deserve to get our attention. View Post


My 3 rules for the day party bag

I live in the UK so maybe it is just appropriate that I start lots of my articles by mentioning the weather. So now the weather is finally getting better, we are having some beautiful sunny days and that means that we are ready to start the planning of all sorts of parties. Some of them will be outside so we need to make sure you are ready to attend with the perfect bag. It is not easy to get dressed for the garden party. The rules can be a little bit unclear and you need to make sure you are not under dressed. You know what they say – there no such thing as being over dressed, it is just the others are under-dressed!

It can be particularly tricky with the shoes, as you hardly ever know if you will be walking over the grass or there will be a hard floor (very unlikely). So this time leave your heels at home and wear wedges and you will avoid sinking into the soil. Not only does it make you look shorter, but also will do your heels no good . Wear a nice dress. There are hundreds to chose from and I sure you have this sorted already. View Post


Fendi will keep you warm and cosy this winter

Planning to go to Aspen, Vail, St Moritz or Courchevel 1850 this winter? You will need to pack your bags as well. Ski vacations are not just about the skiing itself. Fashion plays a huge role and you’d better be ready. Skiing resorts are now more fashion forward than ever and I think Fendi is the best brand to look at.

So whether you are in the Caribou Club or the Corviglia Club, make sure you have the right bag.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, these are the bags that will certainly help you on the way. And don’t forget – anything with the fur will get you points. Fendi, as every winter season does not disappoint. I am sure you are going to love these.

Fendi Peekaboo Micro Shearling Fur Satchel Bag in White (1950$). Available in black and pink as well. Dyed sheep shearling. Removable leather shoulder strap.



Fendi Mink Fur & Rhinestone Baguette in multicolour (5050$). Calfskin with natural mink fur and dyed mink fur with rhinestone squares.

Fendi Peekaboo Large Shearling Satchel Bag in Pink, White, Grey (7250$). Dyed sheep shearling.


Peekaboo Shearling Fur Clutch Bag in White (4150$). Napa leather and sheep shearling, turn lock closure and detachable shoulder strap.


If you don’t want to invest in new handbag, maybe just a fur  charmer will do? Again, Fendi is the place to go to.

image5So where will you choose to go this winter? Let me know your best bag you will definitely pack for your skiing trip.
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