Sara Battaglia for Salvatore Ferragamo

It is almost like a custom that a certain brands lean towards bags with certain selection of colours. Some go darker as a rule, some present loads of light shades, but most bags are usually mono coloured. Although every new season they surprise with a release of a bag with a colour no one expects, after a while it all goes back to normal. I like this. I like that I can count on my favourite brands to keep producing bags in colours I like to buy. Call me boring, but sometimes life is so busy, it is nice to have some things certain. Salvatore Ferragamo is one of those brands.

But sometimes, a classic colour is not enough.  Sometimes, you have a craving for something more dramatic, more exciting and more, yes, colourful.  This year there is a perfect answer to this from Salvatore Ferragamo. Not the first company one would normally expect to go in this direction, but it certainly was a right move. This year Salvatore Ferragamo has joined with the very talented Sara Battaglia to create a collection that is inspired by the colours of the rainbow and the results are outstanding. This collection of bags is fun, colourful, creative and very modern while staying true to their traditional designs. You can choose from several different models which you can see here.

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Valentine’s day bags to make you feel special this year
A lot of people say that the Valentine’s Day is cliche and if you really love somebody, you don’t need to have a specific day of the year to show it or to celebrate it. I don’t agree. I think it is a wonderful, special day dedicated to love and love certainly deserves to be celebrates. It doesn’t need to be in the name of the big gestures, but in a world where time is flying so fast, technology even faster and everyone is living hectic lives, it is worth stopping for one moment to appreciate the person standing by your side. And ladies, if anything else, it is a great opportunity to show your sexy side.
For such an occasion I have chosen for you these Valentine’s day bags that will make you feel special this year. So go and spoil yourself. Or ask your special one to spoil you.
Judith Leiber Couture, Coffered Rectangle Box Clutch Bag, Siam (3195$, only in Neiman Marcus). Fully beaded with Austrian crystals.
Valentino Rockstud Flap Wristlet Clutch Bag, in Tan (1695$). Calf leather.
Saint Laurent Monogram Calfskin Clutch Bag, in Bordeaux (1150$). Calfskin clutch with signature YSL plate.
All these Valentine’s day bags are beautiful, but the most important think for this special day is to be with your love.
lots of love
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