Backpacks. Are they IN or are they OUT?

When I was a little girl, I remember going to school every day wearing a backpack. In those days there were two occasions when you were wearing a backpack. Going to school and travelling or maybe if you stretch it then you could  also add some kind of sport, like hiking. You would struggle to find a woman strutting down the road in the latest fashion wearing a backpack. But those days are long gone. Gone are the times when a backpack was a purely utilitarian piece of luggage. And the times when they were made mainly from waterproof fabrics also disappeared in ancient history.

Backpacks have been making a massive comeback in the last few years. Brands are competing for the most fashionable designs and people around the whole world are obsessing about the combination of the comfort and luxury. Now backpacks are part of the daily life of a modern woman. From going to the gym in the latest sport attire while wearing the most fashionable backpack to shopping in Fifth Avenue or Sloane street, backpacks deserve to get our attention. View Post


Marie de la Roche purses are bold and beautiful

Every day we look at handbags. Handbags we have at home, handbags that our friends have or handbags famous brands are offering. All the brands are teasing us with the most beautiful designs and we don’t know which one to buy first. Will it be Dior or Chanel? Maybe Louis Vuitton? But what about new brands? Are you in touch with what is going on outside of the big fashion houses? Are you familiar with the new up and coming brands that are starting to compete with the best ones? No? Well don’t worry, because today I have a brand just like that to share with you.

The newcomer is called Marie de la Roche and her statement handbags will for sure get your attention. While this brand is fairly new (launched in 2015 in Middle East), it is definitely one to watch. Furthermore these bags are very colourful and playful, but don’t miss a bit of an attitude.  View Post


Bottega Veneta celebrates 50 years anniversary

Italian craftsmanship is famous all around the world, and the fashion houses have thrived on this fact for decades. Of course, they very much deserve the level of respect they get. Their eye for a detail, precision in cuts, and delicate use of the softest leather doesn’t leave anyone doubting they deserve to be on the spotlight. When their anniversaries pop up, the world waits to see just what will come next.

This year, one very important anniversary has arrived. Bottega Veneta is celebrating 50 years of incredible success. On the top of that, it is 15 years since Tomas Maier started as its creative director. View Post


Prada launches elegant Bibliotèque bag

For me Prada always has been and still is one of those brands that makes perfect handbags for the perfect business woman. Slick, elegant and sharp (like the woman herself), hard wearing materials and classic colours. If you go for a business meeting a perfect bag gives you more confidence.

A lot of people think that no one ever notices what bag you have. Furthermore, many women would rather buy a new suit or dress or shoes. Makes sense right? Well let me tell you this. Not only the dress and shoes make an impression. It is the bag that completes the story of who you are. I am a big believer that not only clothes make the man (well in this case the woman). Bags speak to us whether we want them to or not and we should never forget that. View Post


Bags with an attitude

With the bags is like with clothes. You choose them mostly because you like them. You like their particular style, colour and material. There are thousands of designer bags and each of them will find their owner who will love them unconditionally. Some bags are in single colour, some are very colourful, some with studs and some bags are from exotic skins. But there is also another type of the bag, which I like to call the Bags with an attitude. Why? It is simple. They are telling the world more than that their owner like the colour or the model or the brand. These bags say to world much more. They take the handbags design to the whole new level.

These bags are everything but not simple as they are not using the obvious shapes, cuts and colours. Ordinary things like washing powder box or perfume bottle, post stamp or box of chocolate are inspiring their creators and turning these into purses. It is not for everyone and it takes a real fashionista to pull this off. However if you wear it right, you can look like a fashion icon with great confidence who isn’t scared to experiment a little. View Post