10 best bags to buy for this autumn

So school started and the summer is over. The autumn is officially starting to creeping up on us and that means we need to check our wardrobe and bag status. Are you happy with what you see there? Maybe you are like me and every season you are complaining that you have nothing to wear and no bags to match the current season and trends. So no need to stress further, as i just found for you the 10 best bags to buy for this fall. View Post


Bags with an attitude

With the bags is like with clothes. You choose them mostly because you like them. You like their particular style, colour and material. There are thousands of designer bags and each of them will find their owner who will love them unconditionally. Some bags are in single colour, some are very colourful, some with studs and some bags are from exotic skins. But there is also another type of the bag, which I like to call the Bags with an attitude. Why? It is simple. They are telling the world more than that their owner like the colour or the model or the brand. These bags say to world much more. They take the handbags design to the whole new level.

These bags are everything but not simple as they are not using the obvious shapes, cuts and colours. Ordinary things like washing powder box or perfume bottle, post stamp or box of chocolate are inspiring their creators and turning these into purses. It is not for everyone and it takes a real fashionista to pull this off. However if you wear it right, you can look like a fashion icon with great confidence who isn’t scared to experiment a little. View Post