Tod’s presents new seriously cool bags

Over the many years Tod’s has been the synonymous of the elegance. We can see the Italian craftsmanship in every stitch and women who choose classic over trendy, one season lasting extravagance love them unconditionally. Women who like these bags have few things in common. They are beautiful, elegant and love classic fashion. The HRH Duchess of Cambridge is a long time fan, as well as Amal Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Kelly Rutheford or Gwyneth Paltrow. I am also a fan of the recognisable shapes and beautifully soft leather although i am not celebrity.

This year Tod’s released surprising combinations of colours and materials. Wow they really did it well. The way they played with them on their classic designs is genius, new and original. What I love about them is the way they combined not obviously compatible colours and materials with such a grace. It is like making you think – well of course this would look great together and these celebrities know it already.

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6 best cross body bags for every day

We have all been there. You wake up in the morning and have absolutely no idea what to wear. You look in to your wardrobe and you see nothing – well your boyfriend/ husband sees wardrobe full of clothes, but for some reason you see absolutely nothing! After a bit of a struggle you finally make up your mind and put a decent outfit together (your husband convince you that actually there are clothes in your wardrobe), but now get the right with bag.

You are thinking about the day you will have – work, business lunch, again work and straight to dinner with friends. You want to look smart for the work day and chic for the evening. Then you see the perfect bag on the top shelf. It is a all day cross body bag – not too big (you don’t want to show up at dinner with a luggage size bag, right?) but not too small (you still need to fit there basics to go through the day).
I have been thinking about what makes a cross body bag perfect for the breakfast to dinner day. I came up with not one but few good reasons.

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The Jennifer bag from Tom Ford everyone loves

Tom Ford, ever since establishing his own label has represented luxury and quality worth paying for. Over the years, his designs haven’t changed dramatically and we are thankful. It is all about a clean cut, simplicity and perfection. The same rules apply to his collection of handbags. Lots of celebrities choose his bags over and over again. Jennifer Aniston in particular is such a long time loyal customer, that one of the designs is named after her – the Jennifer bag!


But what is so special about it? There is something about its simplicity that makes me excited whenever I see one. Or maybe it is that this bag is one of those that you don’t always spot at the first sight when someone is wearing it. It is not a flashy design, but when you see one, you know that this person wearing it has great taste.


My absolute favorite is the one from Python skin. What a combination! A bag with a very informal design, a bag that is clearly to wear during the day, with a cross body adjustable strap and zip on the bottom bit to be able to enlarge the inside volume on the top of that. Now all that informality is changed to a completely different level by using the super-luxury material of Python skin. View Post


Why would you like to invest in a Chanel Boy bag

The Chanel bag is a phenomenon and women all around the whole world want to have one. Over many decades, the most popular bag has undoubtedly been the Flap design. But for the past few years, there has been a new player called Boy, which has swept us all off our feet. Now, everywhere you look the Chanel bag Boy seems to be taking over the reign from the Flap bag. Don’t get me wrong, the flap bag is and always will be one of the most desirable bags in the world, but for now we are obsessed with Chanel bag Boy. It comes in many sizes, countless of colours and different materials. The latest in shops is the release of the patent leather for the spring collection. I personally adore it.


Do you still need reasons why you should have at least one Chanel bag Boy? Here are some of my thoughts

  1. It is edgy and elegant at the same time. You can dress up or dress down, it will always look good
  2. It is one of the “IT” bags of the moment. You want to be up the speed right?
  3. Day or night you can wear it anytime 
  4. You an choose from countless of colors and sizes (frankly any Chanel bag will make you feel good)
  5. Celebrities love them and they sure know why
  6. And it is soo pretty don’t you think? What’s not to love?



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So what are you waiting for? Go and splurge on a new Chanel bag Boy.  You deserve it.


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