Why you should buy an off the shoulder top this season

Off the shoulder top

Off the shoulder top is a huge trend this season. You would probably have a hard time to find a clothes shop where you wouldn’t find at least one off the shoulder top. Like many great trends, even this one is completely new. In fact, the trend started around 19th century. It then came back in the 80’s and 90’s of the last century and it is back again. I think there is one thing common to most of the greatest trends. It flatters most of the figure types. Well most of the women (if not all) have beautiful shoulders, so this top is perfect if you want to show a bit of skin. And if you are still not sure if you should buy this kind of top for the season, I have for you 5 reasons why you should buy at least one.

Why to buy off the shoulder top:

  1. Trends. If nothing else, off the shoulder top is one of the hottest trends right now. And if you are into fashion, this should be on your wish list.
  2. Flatters. Off the shoulder top flatter basically everyone. The best thing is, that even if you are not comfortable with the size of your upper arms, you can still show you shoulders, as the chances are it will cover you on all the right places.
  3. Variety. There are literally hundreds of different types, styles and cuts of those tops. so whatever size and shape you are, you will always find a top that will complement you really well.
  4. Styles. There are two main styles, Bardot and asymmetrical. Both are great and give you even more options for the styling.
  5. Price. You can find prices to go from anywhere from £20 up to few hundreds.

On the pictures I am wearing my asymmetrical of the shoulder top and white jeans. I like the combination with the red sandals and the Chanel classic handbag. The sunglasses are my new pair I just recently got for the cool London based brand Sienna Alexander and they very soon became my favourite pair. Also particularly this model has the option to change the lenses, so I am now thinking to get few different colours.

Off the shoulder top

Off the shoulder top trend

How to wear off the shoulder top

Why to buy off the shoulder top

Chanel handbag beige

Sienna Alexander sunglasses

Why to buy off the shoulder top

Uterque shoes

wearing off the shoulder top in Villa Magna hotel

Uterque shoesBag: Chanel Classic Flap bag, Off the shoulder top: Pull and Bear, Jeans: Paige, Shoes: Uterque, Sunglasses: Sienna Alexander



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