Discover the secret to an efficient wardrobe detox with these 7 rules to follow

Finally I made a decision to do a really big wardrobe detox. You might think, that it is normal, nothing unusual, right? Well, let me tell you. In my case it is VERY unusual. In fact, this was my first real, chuck-it-all-out type of wardrobe detox. My personal attachment to clothes didn’t have a chance to win the battle. Ok, once in a while, I throw away bits and pieces, mainly though things that are broken or are a wrong size.

This time, however, I was determined. My wardrobe was literally crying for help. For some reason, I can’t get rid of things just like that. Every piece of clothing or shoes has a story. Some of the stories go way back to my university (Yes really, I still have clothes from more than a decade ago). And to do the task properly, I got a help from an excellent stylist Anna from Cliftonstyle (IG @cliftonstyle). View Post


If you seek perfection, The Connaught hotel is your best choice in London

The Connaught hotel

London is full of great hotels. The choices are endless. However there are “amazing” hotels and there are “AMAZING” hotels! Guess to which category The Connaught hotel belongs to? Yes, you guessed it right, “AMAZING” hotels category. What I personally love and what sets it apart from other amazing hotels like Claridges or The Lanesborough or The Dorchester is mainly the size and the overall feeling. Starting with the entrance and reception size, everything feels more personal. You almost feel like you are in someone’s house (someone’s very very rich house). View Post


Why this Tara Jarmon dress is my long term saviour when I want to look effortlessly chic

Here is a question for you. Do you have this one perfect dress that you always tend to go for at certain occasions? Do you have this ideal piece that always saves you whenever you need it?

Tara Jarmon dress

Well I do and it is my Tara Jarmon dress I bought already some time ago. It is literally my saviour whenever I want to look very elegant but effortless. What I love is the loose shape (comes in handy when you eat a lot). I love the colour, which is timeless and you can wear it all year round. The materials is quite thick, so it is not completely clear that is purely for summer. It has the perfect combination of the wintery fabric and summery colour. I love the little crystal detail at the neckline (you don’t need any other jewellery) which makes it look a bit more special. View Post


Belt bags are back! But do you know how to wear them to look stylish?

Do you remember the time when you were little and you had to wear belt bags? Especially during the school trips belt bags were a among those things you couldn’t forget at home. It was the place for your money, telephone numbers (of course written on the piece of paper, as you obviously didn’t have a phone) or anything that would be small and important. Well, I do remember! And it wasn’t a good look (then).

Now imagine that this fashion is back. However this time with a big bang! The biggest brands transformed this rather annoying but practical thing into stylish and highly fashionable accessory. The principle is the same. You still can’t fit much and you still wear it around your waist (or occasionally cross body). To be absolutely honest, I wasn’t excited when this trend came back. However I rather like it now. It can by chic, if you wear it right and choose the right design. But do you know how to choose the right one for you to look stylish and not like someone who fell asleep in the 8o’s and woke up now?  Well here are some rules to follow.

How to wear belt bags

  1. Choose a size that doesn’t look too big on you. You will wear this on your waist, so if you are petite, it can look like you are trying to wear a backpack on your belt (not a good look)
  2.  Try it on before the purchase. Everyone is a different shape and every style fits differently. Make sure the belt is a good length for you. I was just recently trying on the belt bags. However I couldn’t close it as it was simply too small for me.
  3. Choose a design that nicely “sit” on your waist. It should look effortless and comfortable. You don’t want to be disturbed by it when you are walking.
  4. It looks best when it is styled without additional belt (like on the trousers). Wear it over dresses, skirts, blazers. If you want to wear it with trousers, put on some longer top to cover the belt of the trousers and use the belt bag to create your waist.

Now that we have this sorted, let have a look at the best belt bags you can find right now.

The best belt bags right now

PradaPrada belt bag velvet


PradaPrada belt bags

Marni belt bag


GucciBelt bags Gucci

GucciGucci belt bag

velvet belt bags

Gucci belt bag red


Miu Miu (





Miu Miu (


So are you now tempted to buy one of these belt bags? Which one would you choose?





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